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The Model RC 10 , manufactured by OPTEX of Japan and imported by OPTEX America is the latest in technology from a company that has been manufacturing security products for many years. Operating at a frequency of 418 to 430 MHZ the digital transmission ( up to 2000 feet ) is a signal that will be received where most other chimes will not work. Below are features and advantage to this system that are not available in most other door chime systems. The RC 10 DB may be used as a panic button to summon help or can be used as a doorbell to provide a maximum transmission range of 700 feet. This is the only true water resistant doorbell with an excellent transmission range that we have found. When used with our optional pager system this can provide a very powerful tool for communicating with employees or just around the shop. Warranties will only honored by authorized dealers from OPTEX AMERICA.



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  • I lost my receiver I still have the sensor over the door or the receivers universal and can I buy want and how much are they

    You may purchase the receiver at

    and yes it will work with the wireless 2000 system

  • I have an RC-10U transmitter and receiver for driveway announcement. Can I add another receiver to place in my studio for use with same transmitter? If so, will anything need programming? Is it possible to add additional transmitter at a different location on driveway to use with the same system? Thanks

    Acoording to OPTEX  the RC 20 series is backwardly compatible with your syste. This means that yes it is compatible. 
    The only concern that one may have is the AGE of your current system. If more than 8 years old I would have some concern that it may be nearing the end of its useful life.
    Yes should you decide to order a newr transmitter and or receiver then the entire system would need to be reprogrammed. 
    Should a new system be ordered thru us it would arrive to you with all programming done for a turnkey system.

    Given this I shall leave the decision to order a new system or expand your old up to you.

  • We have an RC 10 sensor over the door of our store and just recently located the receiver. I replaced the battery in the sensor and have lights on the receiver but no chime sounds when the door opens. Is it possible to get the instruction manual since we cannot locate it? or do you have possible reasons it doesnt work? thank you.

    The RC 10 will probably need to be reprogrammed. Instructions will be on line .