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This 6"" bell can be used with any of the driveway alarms or any 12 volt relay. It can be used outside or inside for people with hearing problems. When used in conjunction with the light/timer control it may be programmed to ring up to one hour.

Bell is 12 Volts

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  • What voltage does this require and dsb rating

    The voltage is 12 Volts. DB is not known at this time

  • Does this come with everything or do I need to order separate parts? like the door chime button all associated wiring, relays, etc?.

    This item does not , but the Professional Grade Wired Door Bell @ 

  • I need something for my business that can be heard over moderate noise (forklift traffic, pumps, etc). Would this be loud enough under those conditions?

    Yes if used with a door chime with the correct relays