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Additional transmitter for the RC 2235

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  • hi, i have a convenience store and i want to put a device that will alert me when somebody enter with sound while i am working at the end of the store and will prefer wired. please let me know to proceed further. thanks

    The best wired system we offer is the AV 200 at https://www.reliablechimes.com/products/rodann-av-200

  • This is the transmitter that we have on our business door, and an employee lost the receiver. Can I buy the receiver and it work with this chime that already exists on my door?

    I regret to inform you that Dimango is liquidating the inventory and going out of business . As such there is no inventory with which to fill your order.
    We recommend that you conside a reasonably priced product , the RC 13 @ https://www.reliablechimes.com/collections/featured-products/products/door-chime-rc13s,
    or the RC 8 magnetic contact @ https://www.reliablechimes.com/products/rc-8-door-bell-magnetic-contact-for-closed-doors
    as a replacement for the Dimango chime