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The receiver will have a plug-in 12 volt power supply . It may be placed on a tabletop or attached to a wall using the mounting holes on the rear of the DWA-9 receiver. There are also four volume controlled tones to identify each zone on the DWA-9-600 and DWA-9-2500 at this time. The customer may use additional transmitters and receivers ( APPLICABLE TO THE DWA-9-600& DWA-9 -2500) AT THIS TIME ) ,if they wish. Each receiver comes with choice of volume controlled whistle, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong ( will sound twice ) , or Classical tone. The wireless motion drive alert will work with all our optional driveway alarm accessories. Each receiver will have an On/Off Switch , four form "C" relays and a timed output of 4 seconds or 10 minutes for use with accessories.


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  • What's the range how many ft.

    Up to 2500 feet