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Purchase from an AUTHORIZED MASTER DISTRIBUTOR . We have been selling Dakota driveway alarms since the 1990's. If you are not satisfied with the available security system at your home or office and keen to make it more expeditious then it is right time to consider Dakota driveway alarms. With the help of this, you can easily set your eyes on the outside activities or can find out if any person coming up on your drive way. It also helps you easily find out any unauthorized presence on your property. The products are mainly designed to let you monitor important activities over long distances . And you can easily notice several movements in your home and take appropriate measures accordingly if needed. Reliable Chimes provides one-stop solutions to those people who are searching for the best Dakota driveway alarms and keep their eyes on property and make it safe. Specialized in selling wireless driveway alarms and lots of other products, we are craving to serve people who are anxious to go through several options to make a better selection. With Dakota driveway alarms, you will get facility to install up to four transmitters while in a long driveway, in order to easily detect any practice towards your driveway to home. Every transmitter performs a great task and sends movement alert to you and also make you aware of how near you are to your residence. You can also set your eyes on our driveway alarm that can be used for different purposes. We guarantee you for your complete satisfaction and prompt you to order for your favorite products as soon as possible.