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  • I have tried a similar setup using an X10 Active Eye motion sensor, but it didn't have enough signal strength to get inside and into the X10 system. Does the Mailbox Alert sensor have a significantly stronger transmitter than the X10 Active Eye?

    Since we are not familiar withthe X10 system we can not answer this question honestly

  • Will this work with the sensor in a metal mailbox and the receiver in a mobile home? And if it doesn't work, is there a guarantee

    The answer to your first question is that it is dependent on how far away the mobile home is from the mailbox . The answer for the second question is yes it may be returned , within 30 days. You may want to consider the RC 16 for the mailbox. That will work without question.

  • Does the light stay on an blinking? If you weren't in the room when mailbox was opened you didn't hear it. If you come back later and the light is still on you know your mailbox was opened?

    When your mailbox is opened, the Receiver will beep four times to tell you that you have mail. It will also light up a bright red LED bulb that you'll be sure to see, in case you didn't hear the beeps