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With this Dakota Alert 4000 Series alarm system say goodbye to false alarms that may be caused by deer, birds or dogs! This probe sensor detects metal only and has a long range wireless transmitter reaching up to 4000 feet. When the probe detects a vehicle an alarm signal is sent to the transmitter box which then sends a wireless signal to the driveway chime receiver! This probe sensor is capable of detecting vehicles within approximately 10 feet of the probe, accompanied by a sensitivity adjustment allowing you to decrease this range if required. Operating on four (4) CR123A 3V batteries (included), the probe and transmitter will typically run for approximately 12 months, at which time a low battery warning is provided. Equipped with built in volume control and 12 different chime tones, the driveway chime receiver is designed to capture your attention! . paired with an audible beep, can be programmed to activate periodically after an alarm signal to ensure the visitor does not go unnoticed!

Warranty is for one year

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

With Optional Secure text now you can be alerted on your smart phone anywhere coverage is available !

DCR 4000

Each receiver is powered by a 110 to 120 volt outlet and comes with choice of following volume controlled tones:

  • Ding Dong (high)


  • Ding Dong (low)


  • Westminster


  • Fur Elise


  • Alarm/Siren


  • Coo Coo Clock


  • Bird Chirping


  • Twinkle Twinkle


  • William Tell


  • Cannon in D


  • Morning


  • Toreador March.


    Ask a Question
    • What is the warranty on this DCPA 4000 driveway alarm?

      The warranty is for one year

    • Is this one you can bury the width of the driveway?

      Yes , this can be buried either widthwise or next to the driveway.
      However the 2500 series has been upgraded. So if you have the DCR 2500 for the DCPA you may order this and be fine.
      If you are looking for both transmitter and receiver then you will need to consider the DCPA 4000.

      If you have questions please feel free to cal us @ 8006414111

      Mark Kimbro

    • How loud is the loudest alert? Is an amplifier available?

      The approximate DB level is 74DB at 10 feet. Amplification of the tones is not possible as the tones are at a fixed level on the chip. However options are available for a siren @120 DB or a loud firebell

    • I have two entrances to my driveway can I have two probes to work with one receiver

      Yes , you may