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The Dakota Alert 2500 ft. Range Mailbox alert Combo is a driveway monitor and mailbox alert in one package! The driveway sensor detects and reports human or vehicle motion near any  location you wish to monitor, and the mailbox  alert will mount to any mailbox. The outdoor motion detector and mailbox alert system is perfect for long range areas and can also be used to monitor boats, RVs, trucks, mailboxes and much more. The Dakota Alert Mailbox Kit includes one motion sensor, one mailbox alert, and one receiver. This system is compatible with the 2500 ft. Infrared Motion Sensor as well as our 2500 ft. Probe Sensor. You may also use an unlimited number of additional 2500 ft. receivers and set the motion sensor to alert multiple receivers simultaneously.  


When a person or a car passes by the sensor, their heat triggers the sensor which will then communicate to the receiver. The receiver will play the tone and light up the assigned zone , notifying you know someone has passed by the sensor.

Mailbox Alert

The mailbox alert is easy to set up. Simply set the tone in accordance with the included instructions and your work is done. To set a reminder beep follow the instructions :

Reminder Beep: The receiver has a reminder beep that can be set to “beep” every 15 minutes after a signal is received. The reminder can be set with the “A” button (Figure 1-10). 1. The reminder beep will only sound if the zone light is set to flash (see previous section on Zone Lights). 2. To activate the reminder beep press and hold the “A” button for 2 seconds. You will hear one beep. 3. To deactivate the reminder beep press and hold the “A” button for two seconds and you will hear two beeps.  To cancel the reminder beep press the “A” button for 0.5 seconds. 5. You can also use jumper “J2” (Figure 1-5) in the receiver to select which zones will have the reminder beep. If the jumper covers both pins for a zone, that zone will have the reminder beep. If the jumper is on only one pin, the zone will not have the reminder beep.


The 12 volt relay allows you to have additional bells or sirens and can be programmed to have an output duration of up to 10 minutes. The five minute delay temporarily pauses the receiver, allowing you to slip out of the house without waking your housemates. Set the reminder beep to notify you if someone was there while you were away. Sensor has adjustable detection range, as well as light option.

  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Customer Reviews

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  • How and where is the piece mounted to the mailbox? Our mailbox is inside a stone structure.

    The mounting bracket for the mailbow alert will be mounted to the side with the mailbox alert then slid over that . The magnet will be positioned so that it will work when the mailbox door is opened. The stone structure should not matter

  • How far away from my living room can the mailbox be for this device?

    The distance from your mailbox to living room will be up to 1/2 mile. Realistically about 1800 feet