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This is the chime of choice for ANYONE who wants a pet immunity ( up to 100 lbs )feature in their driveway alarm or any drive up or drive-thru application with the adjustable sensitivity range of as little as 7 1/2 feet. Use at banks , liquor stores , drycleaners , convenience stores ,coffee shops or any other drive thru . TRANSMITTER The transmitter has an would be ideal for almost any outdoor application because it combines two PIRs, creating extra high immunity against false alarms caused by small animals, cars, and other outdoor disturbances. The transmitter also has a 90 wide angle detection pattern with 180 aiming are significant advantages. The transmitter also includes temperature compensation circuitry, high RFI and Sunlight immunity, Form C relay and many other features for quality outdoor performance. The transmitter will be capable of transmitting a wireless signal.


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