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MURS ALERT with base station with 3 additional transmitters

MURS ALERT with base station with 3 additional transmitters

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You may either have a portable receiver that will have 4 zone monitoring or a plug in receiver that will also have the ability to monitor 4 zones. Both receivers are capable of a realistic two mile reception and the plug in receiver has the option of connecting an external antennae to increase the reception distance as well as providing the perfect solution to those homes that have metal - steel or aluminum siding or stucco with wire mesh or a metal roof - in the construction of their home. If a longer transmission range is necessary or the receiver will not receive in the metal sided building a marine antennae in the 151-154 MHZ range may be used on the outside of the building by attaching the cable for the antennae to the base station receiver with BNC connectors. The same marine antennae may be used on the transmitter by placing the antennae above a hill in a tree for example. The transmitter will be powered by 6 ""AA"" NiMh batteries and should last 6-12 months. The receiver will be powered by 6""AA"" batteries and will come with a recharger to recharge the batteries. The receiver will also have a wrist strap and belt clip for easier modes of carrying the receiver . Receivers may also be used as walkie talkies when on camping trips hiking, biking, or traveling by car so as to not get lost when traveling in a group. The base station will be powered by AC Current and both base station and receiver will have voice as well as visual notification of zone notification. As an added feature the handheld receiver will be able to communicate with the base station and with multiple handheld receivers. This system has a one year warranty.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -