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Mailbox Alert
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Mailbox Alert

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The Mail Box Alert System lets you know right away when your mail has been delivered. No more repeated trips to the mailbox. With the Mail Box Alert System a pleasant chime sounds when your mail arrives. Also, a red LED light flashes, making it a perfect gift for the hearing impaired. In addition to the convenience (especially during inclement weather) it can help prevent identity theft by reducing the amount of time your mail sits unsecured in your mail box. It is easy to set up. Just install the included batteries in the transmitter, and use the double-sided tape to secure it to the mailbox. Then plug the receiver into any electrical outlet and place it inside your house (up to 300 feet away from the transmitter. When your mailbox is opened, the Receiver will beep four times to tell you that you have mail. It will also light up a bright red LED bulb that you'll be sure to see, in case you didn't hear the beeps The set includes the receiver, transmitter, and double-sided tape. Installation time is less than 5 minutes. 6 Month warranty. Works up to 300 feet •Has volume control • Everything you need is included • Easy to install - no wiring required • FCC approved • Acts as a security device to prevent stolen mail •Not for use on cluster mailboxes with vertical hinges •Not recommended for large, thick-walled mailboxes

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