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The rugged exterior box, tamper resistant enclosure with stainless steel face plate, and long range of this system make it a good choice for a variety of environments. This system is ideal for communication in construction sites, business lots, golf courses, hotels/motels, parking lots, gated entrances, campuses, hospitals, receiving docks, amusement parks, farms, warehouses, campgrounds, parking lots, and anywhere else that you may need to communicate with someone outside. This system uses the MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) wireless frequencies that results in an amazing communication range of up to four miles! Superb wireless communication between remote locations is now possible! The outdoor intercom call box runs on 6 ""D"" size batteries. Alternatively, it can be plugged in using a 12V power adapter (optional). This system has two communication modes. The first is an energy saver mode that only activates the intercom when someone makes a call by pressing the talk button. In this mode, the unit will turn itself off after a programmed amount of inactivity (up to 4 minutes). The second mode allows other MURS intercoms to communicate with the call box without this box initiating the communication. The second mode does use more power so it is suggested that you connect the call box directly to a power source. Our call box is fully compatible with all of our MURS radios, including our MURS base stations and MURS hand-held radio walkie-talkies. When a visitor presses the ""talk"" button, all intercom stations on the same channel are paged and any station can respond. Please note: The outdoor call box cannot be used by itself, but is sold separately as one single unit. It must be used in conjunction with either the MURS base stations or MURS hand-held radio walkie-talkies. Product note: This item is not pre-programmed for our MURS Base Stations or MURS Hand-held Radios. Although they may operate on channel 4 or 5, you may need to program the units together upon arrival. This item is pre-programmed for rincon Commercial Base Stations and Commercial Hand-held Radios. You may purchase either radio separately by visiting their pages.


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