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RC3200 Dimango Door Chime

RC3200 Dimango Door Chime

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Many times we have customers who call and say they just can't hear the doorbell or door chime in many of the rooms in their home. Or, you get situations where an addition was added or the basement was built-in. For various reason, wiring could not be ran to the new addition of the home. So now what do you do? Viola! The RC3200 Extend A Chime is here to save the day! This is a really neat unit. The RC3200 ships as a set: a transmitter and the receiver/speaker. The receiver is a small, match box sized unit that you wire into the your existing door chime transformer. Don't let that intimidate you though. The unit comes with very good instructions and should be a snap as a basic DIY project. After connecting the transmitter, simply plug-in the wireless door chime receiver/speaker and that's all it takes. How does it work? Simple. When someone pushes your doorbell pushbutton, the transformer you have wired into your existing transformer initiates a signal transmission to the receiver speaker. That's it! The set ships with everything you need to extend the listening range of your existing wired door chime set. If you would like to add additional receivers in other areas of your home or business, the RC3253 is an add-on plug-in door chime receiver. There is also a battery powered version of both the set and the additional add-on receivers. Perfect in situations where you cannot run wires to extend your existing doorbell or door chime units. Basic Features of This Product: Set ships with a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is the RC3050T and the receiver is the RC3253 Wireless Extend a Chime 0Transmitter, RC3050T, works with a transformer range of 8V-24V By changing the dip switch settings on the transmitter, you can determine the sound Transmitter is capable of transmitting a chime for front door and sound for back door From transmitter to receiver max range of up to 150 feet. Environmental factors could limit range Receiver has 2 1/4 inch speaker which produces excellent sound quality Volume control Privacy codes to ensure transmitter does not communicate with other units Manufacturer's five year warranty Here's the answer to folks who have an existing wired doorbell or door chime that is not loud enough or when the sounding peice of your existing doorbell is not working correctly. The RC3200 Extend-A-Chime is a doorbell or door chime extender. The set comes with two peices. First is a small, match box soze transmitter. The transmitter connects onto the low-voltage screws in the existing doorbell trasnformer. Don't let that scare you off, it is much easier than it sounds. Easy to follow instructions included in the set makes this a true DIY project. Once you have the transmitter installed, the rest is easy. Simply plug the doorbell/door chime receiver/speaker into any 110V electrical outlet and you are done. Now you can hear the doorbell in all parts. This product is also extremely usefull for basement construction. With the Extend-A-Chime, you can easily hear your existing doorbell in the basement without having to run wire from your existing doorbell to the basement area.

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