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Secure Scan Metal Detector

Secure Scan Metal Detector

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About This Product


The Secure Scan Metal Detector is designed for use by law-enforcement officers and security personnel to quickly detect even the smallest metal weapons.  Features a large detection area for a fast and thorough scan.  It's lightweight design income from will handle make it easy to use for even long periods of time.  Includes air strap and carry holster without loop.  Ideal for use in airports, schools, prisons, sporting offense, nightclubs etc.


*Dual Indicators:you can choose either an audible tone or vibration.
*LED light: in both the audible tone and vibration alert modes, a bright LED light on the front of the metal detect or changes from red to green if metal is detected.
*Highly Sensitive: will detect even the smallest metal weapons.
*Earphone Jack: an earphone (not included) can be used in situations where the operator does not want those around him to hear the audible tone.
*Rechargeable Battery Jack: can be powered by either a standard or a rechargeable 9 volt battery (battery and charger are not included). 
*Holster Included: for easy carrying a holster with belt loop is included.