5 Products to Set up Your Commercial Security System

5 Products to Set up Your Commercial Security System

Congratulations are in order! You came here looking for an alarm system for your business, but you found much more than that.

You've also found the best way to improve your customer service, protect your business from a lawsuit, and make more money.

The trick to setting up any commercial security system is to have a strong understanding of what fits your budget and goals. If you're not familiar with the top five products, this is where you start your journey toward a safer and more productive business.

#1 Door Bells and Chimes


It's a simple but powerful sound. Anyone in a store knows by instinct that someone is coming through the door. This may even cause someone to smell sawdust as they remember being in their hometown hardware store as a child.

And guess what else? Door chimes are the foundation of any commercial security system. They're so cheap and effective that they're a necessity for any small business owner.

If you don't have one, you need one.

#2 Driveway Alarm Security System

Do you remember life before Ring doorbells? Nobody knew who was coming to their door, and now you see them on half of the houses in your neighborhood. You're going to feel the same about a driveway alarm system for your business.

What the product does for you is obvious, so how does it work? There are two key parts to any driveway alarm system: the transmitter and the receiver. When a customer or vendor pulls up to your store, the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver.

The delivery of that signal will be as complex as your system. A popular option is to set up your security system to activate cameras with the driveway alarms. Speaking to a security professional will give you as many options as they have solutions.

#3 Security Camera System

Have you laughed at videos of criminals who suddenly realize that they've exposed their faces to a camera? It's always cathartic to see the moment someone realizes there will be consequences for their actions. But, the best part is that your cameras don't even have to be turned on to protect your business.

Installing fake cameras doesn't provide the same savings on your insurance policy. If real cameras are out of the question, this will make a criminal think twice before breaking into your store.

Real Security Cameras

The benefits of a real security camera system are obvious. You can lower the cost of your insurance, protect your employees, and provide evidence to the police for investigations.

Here's what you need to ask yourself.

To be wired or wireless? That is the question. Is it nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of wire management, or do you take arms against a sea of troubles and refuse to deal with wires again?

All Shakespeare references aside, wireless cameras do offer easier installation options. You may desire help from professionals anyway, especially if you're known for swearing at your iPhone. If you plan to deal with the wires, hiring a company to install them is part of any available packages.

Fake Security Cameras

Imagine that you're the type of person who would break into your business. Where would you approach your building if you didn't want to attract attention to yourself?

Now, how would you feel if a security camera was there to greet you when you arrived? Would you take the chance that it's not real?

There's always the chance that someone commits a crime anyway. There's a reason why insurance companies offer savings for installing real cameras, after all. But that doesn't take away from the fact that most people will not take the risk unless they feel like they have a surefire way to escape justice.

You may reduce your theft loss with fake cameras. It's important to emphasize the may in that sentence. For those who are on the fence, this is an excellent blog post about the benefits and risks from a trusted source.

#4 Indoor Convex Mirrors

Customers use indoor convex mirrors to check their hair or how they look in a particular piece of clothing. To a business owner, this is a cheap and indispensable tool.

There is no cheaper way to increase visibility on a store floor than a convex mirror. You may have heard this called a "fish-eye mirror" because of the stretched-out effect it has on objects within its view. If that sounds familiar, it's because convex mirrors are what auto manufacturers use to give you a proper rear view.

#5 Auto Security Dialer

There's always a scene in a heist movie where someone holds a gun to a bank teller and that employee pushes a button under their desk. In five to ten minutes, police will swarm the bank and corner the bad guys. Wouldn't you like your employees to have the ability to do the same in a life-threatening situation?

Auto security dialers will usually be a simple key fob, button under the counter, or even a wristwatch. No matter how your business operates, there are flexible options to keep everyone safe.

What Are the Next Steps?

You know what your business can afford and you know about the top five products for a commercial security system, but what is the best fit?

It's natural to have more questions than answers can provide in one blog post. Give us a call at 1-800-641-4111 to talk to an actual person, or check out our blog for answers to the hottest topics in the commercial security business.

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