Collection: Wireless Driveway Alarms

Looking for wireless driveway alarms? We at Reliable Chimes are specialists in the field of chimes, alarms and all things related to creating a safety network. While our primary clientele would be businesses, we also serve the home market. Whether you want to know if a customer is in the parking lot or if someone parks by your home, these wireless alarms will chime in and let you know that someone or something is in that area.

Some of these systems are simple and easy to setup while others are highly advanced but have additional functionality. On the simple side would be a wireless chime that creates a noise whenever someone enter the driveway or parking lot. Most people will find this system useful as it tells you when someone is in that area and the system is easy to install.

However, if you need a more advanced system, consider something like the MURS Alert system that allows you to set zones. For example, if someone is in the area specified as zone 1, then the alarm will specifically chime Zone 1. This is good for larger areas or if you need to know exactly where someone is.

 Another feature you'll want is adjustable volume. You want the volume to be just right. If it's too loud, then your ears will hurt and it might even disturb nearby customers. If the volume is too low, then there's no point in having the alarm since you won't know if someone is out there or not. An adjustable volume allows you to get it right, plus you can change the volume depending on your activities. If you'll be far away from the alarm, then turn it up a bit.

Along with volume is the chime itself. Do you want a harsh sound that makes people stop what they're doing and pay attention, or a soft and inviting sound that lets employees know that a customer needs help? Many wireless driveway alarms have several sounds to choose from while others only have one. Be sure to consider how you'll be using the alarm and you should be able to pick the right sound.


Last, you want to consider sensitivity. You don't want an alarm that goes off whenever the wind blows, but you also don't want one that requires a massive truck to drive through before the alarm goes off (unless your clientele only includes truck drivers of course).

Some wireless driveway alarm features are:

 - Choose from multiple chimes, from harsh and loud to soft and inviting

 - Select either a simple or advanced system based on your needs

 - Adjustable volume to ensure you can hear the alarm without it being too loud or soft

 - Most systems are simple to install and should only take a few minutes

 If you need to know when cars are out there, then our wireless driveway alarms are perfect. They'll keep you aware of what's going on outside without disturbing your business. Give one a try and you'll see how useful they can be.