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The DCPA-40000 is a driveway alarm kit that is used to detect vehicles only. The transmitter operates on four cr123a batteries (included) and has 50’ of direct burial wire connecting the probe to the exterior case. The probe is buried parallel to the driveway, and will detect vehicles passing by within approximately 10-12 feet. The direct burial cable can be run to a tree or post nearby, where the transmitter box is located. When a vehicle drives by, the transmitter will send a signal to the DCR-4000 receiver up to ½ a mile away.* The DCPA-4000 is ideal in locations where there may be deer or other large animals that would cause false signals with a motion detecting system. Also, because the probe is buried underground, it will be the least noticeable of our wireless systems. The transmitter is weatherproof and meant for exterior locations. Operating Range: -30°F to 120°F *Actual range will vary depending on the environment. Note: this transmitter is only compatible with the 4000 series receivers.

Warranty is for one year

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Now available with texting alerts to your cell phone. Option includes 1st year service with annual renewal @119.95 per year there after

With Secure text any one may be able to receive a custom text message to their smart phone using any form C relay .
 May be used with any Dakota Alert receivers and Rodann Receivers with a form C adaptor


Ask a Question
  • Can I have two receivers for one transmitter? One upstairs and one down.

    Yes , this is possible. One may use as many receivers as they wish. To do so pleasde order from this link:

    The page you referenced is for the probe and transmitter only

  • Which cellular network does the text option for the Dakota Alert use?

    The text option is not from Dakota Alert , but is a value added product. The Text alert uses the 2G Verizon network. This is currently being upgraded and not available at this time. There is an alternate manufacturer available, but at a much more expensive option.

  • Can an audible device be placed inside house in addition to cell phone alert? Thanks

    Yes you may

  • This product is what I'm looking for but I also want my driveway lights to come on it is a long driveway

    This is possible . Please call to discuss what is needed.

    Mark Kimbro