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For more than 30 years, Reliable Chimes has been providing our customers with their security needs for both their businesses and homes! The owner of Reliable Chimes began his career while working at The Southland Corporation (7-Eleven), and as such has extensive knowledge in the convenience store & retail industry!


Why Buy From Us?

Our extensive product knowledge will say it all! We have 30+ years of experience in sales and installation of our products, which is a perk that you will not receive when you buy on Amazon, eBay, or most other online retailers. No matter if your request is a quick question or a large project, you can be assured that our team at Reliable Chimes will provide the best possible answer to any and all of your needs! We are a small business that relies on our reputation for success, so our customer service is unmatched! Reliable Chimes is a full time enterprise with a phone number to answer your questions, unlike some larger companies that only have email communications.

We also offer our customers a generous 30 day return policy, which is just another reason to buy from us. Our return policy can also be extended under some circumstances with mutual agreement! There are not many companies online or otherwise that have our extensive selection of quality products, experience, and standards for customer service, which is why you should count on us to provide you with your home and business security products!

Call us at +1(800) 641-4111 to learn more about why our product knowledge and experience is far better than most other retailers out there!


Customer Service

Since its inception, our team at Reliable Chimes has made customer service a priority. Our goal is to allow every customer to have a pleasant shopping experience, right from the comfort of their home. One downfall of a traditional online shopping experience is the lack of customer service - this is where we set ourselves apart. In the event that we run across any issues with our products, we’ll readily correct the problem and get you the answers you’re looking for as soon as possible. That’s what companies that value their customers do!

We always encourage our customers to call us with any questions or complaints they may have, as most of the time we can easily resolve both in a call in just a few minutes! If we don’t know the answer to your questions, we’ll research the issue and do everything we can to get you the answers you need!

Please review our wide selection of security products and give us a call at +1(800) 641-4111 if you have questions!

Choose the best… A Reliable Chime from Reliable Chimes®!


Servicing the Metro DC Area and Beyond!

Our staff has field experience installing and troubling shooting most of the products we offer! The owner of Reliable Chimes & Security began his career with 7-Eleven (The Southland Corporation) 30+ years ago and as such has more experience than most others and can offer installation services of our business door chimes and driveway alarms within a 50 mile radius of Washington, D.C. for a nominal fee! Serving the counties of Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford, Arlington, Loudon, Prince Georges, Montgomery, St Mary's , Charles, King George, and the Greater Richmond and Tidewater area. Why go elsewhere for experience when the answers are right here at Reliable Chimes!? Contact us today!


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