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Purchase from an AUTHORIZED MASTER DISTRIBUTOR. We have been selling Dakota driveway alarms since the 1990s. If you are not satisfied with the available security system at your home or office and are keen to make it more expeditious then it is the right time to consider Dakota driveway alarms.

Why Should You Buy A Dakota Driveway Alarm?

With the help of a Dakota driveway alarm, you will be alerted the minute someone steps onto your property. This provides an additional level of security and can help keep occupants aware of any unauthorized people on your property. The products are designed to let you monitor important activities over long distances. Aside from security, it can let you know when permitted guests arrive, or mail trucks / other visitors. Driveway alarms help ensure that you are aware of anyone arriving on your property before they get close to your door. 

Buy A Driveway Alarm From Reliable Chimes:

Reliable Chimes provides one-stop solutions to those people who are searching for the best Dakota driveway alarms. We specialize in selling reliable wireless driveway alarms and other security products. We only offer tried and true security products that can help homeowners and business owners improve their security. 

How Do Driveway Alarms Work?

With Dakota driveway alarms, you can install up to four transmitters near the end of your driveway or property. These transmitters are designed to track movement and will send an alert to your home whenever someone steps onto your property. So whether it's someone delivering a package, guests arriving for a party, the school bus dropping off your child, or someone with more malicious intent, you will know that they are there immediately. 

Driveway Alarm FAQ: 

How Do Motion Sensor Alarms Work?

Motion sensor alarms like Dakota driveway alarms use infrared cameras. Infrared light is used in remote controls as well as automatic garage doors. The sensor transmits an infrared beam that is invisible to the naked eye. If the beam is disrupted the alarm is triggered. This gives the homeowner a heads up that something has something or someone is near the perimeter of their property. Driveway alarms are set up in such a way that any vehicle or individual who crosses the intersection of the driveway and the road triggers the alarm. This gives a homeowner or business owner ample time to see who is coming down their driveway. 

How Far Will A Driveway Alarm Work?

Different driveway alarms have different transmitters. So it is impossible to say how far all of them work. The DCPA 4000 Wireless Magnetic Driveway Alarm can transmit up to 4000 feet. So you have just over three-quarters of a mile of range from your home.  

How Do You Prevent False Alarms From Your Driveway Alarm?

Motion sensors sense motion. So if there is something that is consistently moving in front of your sensor, your alarm may go off more often than it should. Bushes, trees, and other swaying foliage can disrupt the infrared beam that motion sensors use. Additionally, small animals can also trigger an alarm. If your alarm goes off too frequently, consider moving the alarm somewhere else or inspecting the area around the sensor for any signs of movement. Additionally, make sure the sensor is clean, dirt and grime can obscure the device causing issues with the infrared beam. 

How Else Can I Protect My Home? 

There are many ways to protect a home or business. Driveway alarms are a good way to get a notice when someone enters your property. However, there are additional products you should consider. Cameras can help improve security by both giving you a visual of individuals approaching your property while also making it known to potential thieves that they are on camera. In fact, some individuals even install fake cameras just to create the illusion of surveillance. Many studies have shown that criminals tend to avoid riskier situations so the addition of a camera can greatly shore up security for your home.