5 Reasons You Need Video Surveillance Cameras

5 Reasons You Need Video Surveillance Cameras

5 Reasons You Need Video Surveillance Cameras

If you want deter burglars, having cameras is where it's at. If you want to catch the face of a burglar, you need video surveillance cameras.

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Nothing quite shakes you to the core as becoming a burglary victim. The theft of your items causes anger and a deep fear because the act invaded your privacy. Your immediate thought is to install video surveillance cameras.

Burglary is a numbers game where every player experiences a loss.

In fact, more than 3.7 million burglaries happen every year. Do the math and it's a matter of time before it happens... or again.

Not worried about burglaries? There are many reasons for video surveillance cameras around your home or business. This article explores five, strong positions why they're a worthwhile investment.

1. What Can Go Wrong? A Lot

Let's start with a short list of what can go wrong in your home:

  • Cooking accidents (which cause over half of all fires in a home)
  • Accidental poisoning from neglect
  • Elder abuse by the hands of their caretakers
  • A lack of monitoring leading to drowning
  • Slip and fall scams
  • Warehouse collisions or catastrophic failure
  • Falling objects from improperly placed items

... and a whole lot of other accidents waiting to happen.

Then, account for burglary and property damage. Both possible from negligence or malicious intent. It's safe to say having it documented on video would clear up confusions and troubles.

Consider the Following Before Installation

  • Privacy concerns
  • Added micromanagement
  • Failing trust

Employee downtime and goofing off happens. But, the added stress from having a watchful eye may cause disruptions of its own. Family members may feel uncomfortable with the idea of cameras in the home, too.

Ask for opinions before installation. Else, set a policy keeping cameras outside. This way your choice keeps it to monitoring and deterring malicious activities.

These Assure Your Choice of Installing Video Surveillance Cameras

Reminisce all you want about the "old days" when doors were left open. Or, how kids run off to play all afternoon, alone. Times have changed. It's true we're living in the safest times... but one can't expect crime to disappear.

Here are five reasons to consider video surveillance cameras:

Helping Human Resources and the Police

Workplace conflict -- fights and harassment -- can occur at any business or home. Zero tolerance policies quickly dispatch involved employees. Or, create lengthy investigations if it's a domestic dispute/event.

A video surveillance camera in common areas provides proof of events if they were to happen. It could exonerate an individual from false accusations or verify claims. The video proof helps save both time and money with the due process.

Reduce Employee Theft

Whether it's a poor hiring decision or economic stress is hard to determine. It's gutting, nonetheless, confronting the people you work with.

Video surveillance cameras reduce employee theft two ways:

  • Awareness they're recorded
  • Removes the blindspots

Combine cameras with employee theft deterrent tips. Your proactive approach will reduce or end shrinkage.

Stop Crime Before It Happens

Most criminal behavior happens during the day. The burglaries happen when you're away from home or busy at work.

This brash behavior tends to happen due to present opportunities like:

  • Open entry/exit ways
  • Exposing personal information
  • Predictable schedules

There's no telling the irrational behavior of these individuals. Yet, you can deter most instances of crime by simply creating warning signs. This includes highly visible video cameras, signs, door alarms, and activity.

The malicious individual will not take the risk. They'll seek opportunities elsewhere. This makes a great point to have neighbors consider installing security features, too. It improves the security of the neighborhood as a whole.

Peace of Mind While You're Away

Plenty of instances will have you away from the location:

  • Business trips
  • Vacations
  • Family events
  • Natural disasters

Criminal activity and scams are frequent after major disruptions like natural disasters. It's not uncommon to find opportunists targeting places while people are attending funerals.

It's not all gloom...

A video surveillance camera is helpful for checking kids or pets. Or, making sure a family member has arrived and got in without trouble. It's helpful for monitoring an aging family member, too.

Improve Workflow and Safety

Businesses set routines and follow guidelines to improve productivity and workplace safety. Yet, it's no uncommon an employee (or team) bend the rules.

Video surveillance monitoring improves these areas:

  • Verifying an employee practices proper safety protocols
  • Finding what employees do during idle time
  • Discover commerce flow and add to customer experience

Consider installing cameras in high-traffic areas.

Use the footage to find disruptions with employees or customers. Then, remove those barriers to improve satisfaction and sales. Or, enforce policies to prevent workplace injuries and legal troubles.

3 Must-Haves for Your Home And/Or Business

It's a disservice leaving you without tips for improving a home or business security. You'll find hundreds of security services and products online and in stores. If anything, introduce these three...

  1. Entry Chimes -- The sound alerts if someone is coming through the door so you're not caught off guard.
  2. IP Cameras -- An alternative for digital recording with cloud-based backups for review.
  3. Intercoms -- A communication fall-back in the event of interrupted cell/power service.

There are simple ways to deter criminal activity, too, like proper lighting. Or, having situational awareness. A crook noticing any of these will surely turn tail. Strategically placed signs and even dummy cameras are enough to scare malicious types.

Stay Safe Out There

You'd never need these items in a perfect world. But, we all know that's not the case. Like the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry".

Camera systems reveal the good and bad. They provide opportunities to improve the home or office. It's a small investment for what could prevent thousands in stolen property, legal disputes, or accidents.

Our store offers an extensive selection of video surveillance cameras and privacy solutions. Whether it's commercial or residential... we're here to provide peace of mind. Feel free to learn about us and get in touch.

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