Can Fake Security Cameras Actually Deter Burglars?

Can Fake Security Cameras Actually Deter Burglars?

Did you know that more than 75% of homeowners who bought a security camera in 2017 say they would buy the device again?

More than ever, homeowners are finding ways to keep themselves and their home safe and secure. The best way to do that is by installing security cameras.

In fact, former burglars actually admitted that a CCTV system was the number one thing that deterred them from breaking into a home.

Unfortunately, some homeowners don't have the dosh to spend on high-quality security cameras. But there is another option -- fake security cameras!

Hold the fake security cameras actually work? Let's zoom in for a closer look.

Advantages of Fake Security Cameras

So, do fake security cameras work? What are the advantages of installing dummies? Keep reading and you'll find out.

Better than Nothing

Fake surveillance cameras are better than nothing after all. An opportunist sneaking around the neighborhood is more likely to pass on by your home if they can see security cameras. If you don't even have fakes, you'll look like an easy target.

For many crooks, even if they suspect the cameras aren't legit, they won't break in. It's not worth the risk!

Tip: Security stickers around your property can also help to deter intruders.

The Price is Right

The number one reason homeowners opt for fake outdoor security cameras is, without a doubt, the price difference. Purchasing a few fake surveillance cameras is much less of an investment than buying a full home security system.

Tip: If you opt for extremely cheap fake cameras, burglars will spot the dummy from a mile off. It's better to spend a bit more so that it actually looks legit. Some fake cameras have blinking lights inside, which makes them look more like the real deal.

A Simple Life

Installing fake surveillance cameras is easy peasy! You don't need to configure wires or receivers. All you need to do is mount the camera with a few screws.

Tip: If you opt for fake security cameras, you won't need to pay extra for someone to install the system for you.

Advantages of Real Security Cameras

Yes, there are advantages to installing dummy security cameras. But there are disadvantages. Let's take a look at why you should think about getting the real deal.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Working security cameras may not be as cheap as the fakes, but they are more effective. This is because well-trained or experienced burglars may be able to detect if your camera is fake or not.

This may actually encourage a break-in. How so? The burglar may conclude that you don't have a REAL security system and that you're relying on the fake cameras you've installed.

Catch them in the Act

If someone does actually break in, dummy cameras are useless. They will provide no footage that will help you to catch the thief. And no footage means no proof.

Having real security cameras will catch the crook in the act, and you'll have the evidence to prove it.

A False Sense of Security

If you decide to install fake surveillance cameras at your home or even your business, you can create a false sense of security. Especially if nobody else knows they are fake.

It's better not to install fake cameras at your place of business. As this may lead to possible legal issues.

How so? Because employees and others may feel misled if something happens while they feel they are under the security of real cameras.

True Peace of Mind

Fake surveillance cameras and other security tricks won't give you real peace of mind. You may find yourself constantly wondering if the thief has fallen for it and if your property is safe and secure.

Working security cameras can give you true peace of mind. You know that if someone tries to break in, you will have footage to hand over to the police.

In the long-run, real security cameras are worth the investment. And setting them up may not be as expensive as you imagine. Do your homework, and you will find a great deal.

A Time and a Place

As with anything, there's a time and a place for using fake surveillance cameras. For example:

  • If the possibility of a break-in is low.
  • If petty crimes are the only issues that occur in your neighborhood.
  • If there is an area of your home that doesn't need strict monitoring (e.g. your garden).

If your area is well known for being pretty safe, a dummy security camera might do the trick. It's better to have a fake camera installed than nothing at all!

But sometimes it's better to skip the fake camera and opt for a fully-functioning system. For example:

  • If the possibility of a break-in is high.
  • If you have valuables in your home (e.g. precious jewelry, cash or an expensive vehicle).

Yes, if you live in a high-risk area, fake surveillance cameras are a bad idea. Instead, install a high-quality security camera that will give you the security you really need.

Other Security Measures

Of course, security cameras are only one way to deter burglars. There are other smart ways to make your home or business secure.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Driveway alarms (they let you know when someones parked up or someone is moving around the carpark area) 
  • Door chimes (sensors that go off when someone enters your business or near the doorway of your home)
  • Security mirrors (have a 360° view of your business)
  • Mailbox alert (receive an alert when you've got mail)

These systems can keep your home and business safe and secure. Of course, you could always get a barking dog too!

The Real Deal

It's clear to see that if you're on a tight budget and live in a low-crime area, fake security cameras are a great idea. But if you're in a neighborhood where your home or business is at risk, it's always best to install the real deal.

Fake or real? Whichever one you choose, you've come to the right place. Check out our foolproof range of security cameras here.

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