Different Places You Might Hide an Alert System

Different Places You Might Hide an Alert System

A thief is creeping around your house at night while you're sleeping. He knows exactly where the camera is and quietly dismantles it. You get no alert. On your lunch break the next day, out of curiosity, you check the security camera live stream on your phone. It appears no camera is connected...

You go on with your day, assuming everything will be fine. You live in a safe neighborhood, after all. You assume it's just a glitch.

When you arrive home after work you're horrified to see that you've been burglarized. Your home security camera has been destroyed, and all your valuables and keepsakes are lost forever. 

Don't worry. You can prevent this from happening to you. Here you can find out how to easily hide your alert system, whether you want to protect your home from thieves, get proof of cheating, check on the kids with a sitter, keep an eye on pets, or protect your business, there's a solution for you.  

Outdoor Surveillance System

Home security doesn't always have to break the bank. There are plenty of effective and affordable options out there. Use multiple cameras and alert systems to have peace of mind. You can even use fake cameras to confuse and deter potential intruders.

Night Vision

According to Networkcam.com, rather than opting for an older security alert system camera with a ring of LEDs around the lens, choose the more advanced IR LED designs.

There are low light as well as complete darkness night vision options. Remember to keep your camera faces clean so you don't waste your money. Not every security camera provides night vision. The ones that do vary in their quality of construction and image. 


Whether it's for your home or business, attach a magnetic alert system to your doorframe and you'll be notified anytime someone opens the door. Its wireless signal is able to reach your clip-on receiver up to 4000 feet away. Timestamps and counters help you keep perfect track of how many, people entered through the door(s) and when. 

Consider hiding them in eaves, soffits, birdhouses, PVC pipes, bushes, plants, or trees. Paint it camouflage or hide it within your gutter system.


You'll probably need more than just a facade security system. Your driveway heads straight to your garage, and sometimes, right to your backdoor. A motion light is not enough. There are many options when it comes to driveway alarms. Be alerted to the thief before he gets even halfway down your driveway. 

Indoor Surveillance System

Everyday objects are rarely noticed or even considered even if someone is actively looking for your hidden camera. Lighters, cellphones, pens, glasses, and mugs are just some of the objects that come with built-in cameras or camera alarms. You can have your very own collection that James Bond would be proud of. 

Maybe you own a business and want to keep an eye on your merchandise or employees, catch a robber or supply the police with security footage. Dome cameras are a great option and don't attract too much attention.

Everyday Electronics

Purchase a clock for your nightstand with a hidden camera installed. Hide a camera behind your TV or buy a set of new speakers for your PC that already has a spy cam installed. The designs are so clever these days, you could even put a book cam in your bookcase. Hopefully, no one tries to read it.


Spy on intruders through the looking glass. Buy a two-sided mirror or one with a camera pre-installed. Maybe you're making a reality show. Maybe you're planning to see the face of a burglar so you can have them arrested. Whatever the reason, mirrors are one of the less detectable options.


There are cameras that can be hidden within a light switch cover. Learn how to do this yourself. You'll need certain supplies, but it can be done.


If you want a classic nanny cam to keep an eye on the kids in case of emergencies, or simply make sure their sitter is treating them well, the stuffed animal camera is an option. You can install a tiny camera in the eye of a stuffed animal or on a toy car, for example. Catch your maid stealing. Record a ghostly apparition.


Lamp cams are well hidden up until someone else tries to repair it or change the lightbulb. Be sure to choose a type of lamp or light fixture without a shade or you won't be able to see much of anything.


Place a tiny camera inside a flower pot and it will blend in with the color of the soil. However, if a keen observer admires the flowers, it might be noticed.

Stay Prepared With an Alert System 

Security alert systems are essential these days. Protect yourself, your loved ones, your employees, and your business. You don't want to be a victim knowing you could have easily been protected the whole time.

Peace of mind is key. Whether you want to watch the flowers grow, keep an eye on your business, catch your significant other cheating, or be alerted to an intruder before it's too late, you'll want to gear up on the newest technology to preserve your peace of mind.

We are ready to help you via chat, email, or phone with any questions or advice you may need while choosing the right alarm systems and s

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