Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Door Locks

Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic door locks are some of the strongest and most tamper-proof locks available on the market today. They're leagues better than conventional door locks because tough magnets are used to lock and unlock the door's bolt. In fact, the magnets used in these systems are so incredibly powerful that they can oftentimes hold a door shut without a bolt. Magnetic locks are secure and can't be picked in the traditional sense. This factor makes them ideal for not only doors but also secret compartments since these locks can also easily be concealed or disguised. There are different kinds available depending on your needs, including magnetic-coded locks, electromagnetic locks, and magnetic keyed locks!

How Magnetic Door Locks Work

Simply speaking, magnetic door locks rely on magnets that repel and attract opposite poles—although they can be a little more complicated than that. Electrons, which orbit a nucleus, spin while in orbit, and this spin is what creates a magnetic field. Iron, nickel, and cobalt are the only materials that are naturally attracted to magnetic fields and can, therefore, really be considered magnetic. However, the electrons in these materials are typically organized haphazardly, whereas they must be structured in a certain way to activate their magnetic properties. This organization can be achieved in several different ways, including through the use of electricity. Each type of magnetic lock works differently, so they have their own strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for different purposes.

Pros & Cons Of Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic-coded locks are the most secure of the three mentioned here. They require a physical key with teeth, as you would see on a standard key, to move pins within the lock, as would a normal lock. However, there are also several magnets on the key that are also moving magnetic pins within the lock at the same time. This dual lock system makes for an incredibly complex lock that's almost impossible to pick or tamper with, even for the most advanced lock-pickers. We say "almost" because there does exist a few very specific and advanced tools that can undo the lock, such as a skeleton decoder key or decoding software that can measure magnetic fields.

Electromagnetic locks, simply put, use electricity to magnetize and demagnetize a lock. When the electric current is flowing through the lock system—usually through a thick wire or cord—it magnetizes the door and keeps it locked tight. When the electric current is turned off or interrupted, the door unlocks. The current is normally temporarily disrupted by a key, allowing you to unlock and open the door. However, in any case of a power outage or activation of an emergency system, the door(s) will automatically unlock as well. This makes electromagnetic locks great for emergencies such as fires when people need to exit a building quickly. There is also a diverse selection of unlocking methods you can choose from, such as a motion sensor, swipe card, or key code. When having your door fitted, remember that these doors can be pried open if there's a considerable gap between the door frame and the door. When installed correctly, though, these electromagnetic doors can easily stand up to forces as great as 1,200 pounds! If you want more protective power, you can simply increase the electric current that's running through the door's lock system which will simultaneously increase the magnet's holding power.

Magnetic keyed locks are the simplest of the three and only require a key, which is really just a magnet, to open them. These kinds of locks are primarily for concealment rather than protection. The locking mechanism is usually on the inside of the door, meaning that you wouldn't know it's there unless you've been inside the room or compartment before. This also means there's no way to pick the lock: to open it without a key, it must be decoded. These keys can be very complex in order to ensure a heightened level of security or very simple for quick entry and frequent use. Magnetic keyed locks are great for cabinets or drawers holding precious possessions or gun safes.

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