Fake Cameras Won't Do: Why Investing in a Real Camera is Worth It

Fake Cameras Won't Do: Why Investing in a Real Camera is Worth It

Home security stands out as an essential component among homeowners, old and new. Alongside alarm systems and locks, security cameras aid in preventing property crime.

Fortunately, property crime has gone on a downward trend with a 7.8% decrease as per the recent FBI crime report. Larceny went down 9.9% while burglary dropped 7.8%. On the other hand, motor vehicle theft increased by 6.2%

Despite this, you still need to invest in an effective security system. With security cameras, a fake one falls short. We will present to you the reasons why you should invest in a real camera for your home security system.

Easy to Distinguish Real from Fake

Security cameras stand out as visible deterrents. It dissuades criminals due to how their actions get captured through these devices. An inexperienced criminal would not be able to tell the difference, causing them to step back.

However, this isn’t the case for an experienced criminal. They can distinguish a real camera from a fake. Installing a fake camera in your home can make you an easy mark for burglars.

The thing about experienced burglars and criminals is in their boldness. If they doubt your system, they will try everything to trip it. If nothing happens, they will push for it when they call your bluff and find out you have no security at all.

You can distinguish a fake camera from a real one from its various components.

This can range from the LED, the wires, and even the placement. Common shapes taken by fake cameras would be in bullet or dome shapes. Real cameras have many variants.

Fake cameras also have motion tracking, but you can also distinguish a real one from a fake. Fake cameras move constantly, swiveling back and forth. True motion-sensing security cameras remain still even after movement, but they continue with the recording.

You can find out more about the telltale signs here.

Capable of Recording Footage

This is another main reason why a real camera serves you better. Fake cameras can provide visual footage. When compared to a real camera, a fake one cannot record what transpires.

A real camera would have the means to record and have it saved in a digital video recorder or on a computer.

A camera would not be able to prevent a crime when it happens. Despite which, you would have a recording of the events that took place.

This helps you in many ways. The main one is that it provides you evidence that you can provide to the police. The footage provided can help with their investigations.

A good feature that helps in recording footage is the capability to take them in low-light conditions. More so in recording in total darkness through the use of IR illuminators.

Remote Access

This is one feature that real cameras can provide. Aside from the cameras being able to feed and record the visuals towards a computer or digital recorder, other models also have the means to let you view through a mobile device.

While you are not home, remote access lets you see what goes on within the area through your mobile device. This becomes possible with IP cameras which opens up web access, letting you access the footage remotely as long as you have an internet connection.

Fake cameras would not have such a feature on them.

Push Alert Capability

Another notable feature that also links well to your phone is how security cameras also have push alert capability. When the camera’s sensors pick up movement, it will also send a push alert to your mobile device to notify you. This lets you know if someone is intruding.

This also activates the alarms from your security system. This way, you can act accordingly such as call 911 for such an emergency.

Fake cameras do not have such advanced features at all. Using one may leave you vulnerable when such a situation occurs.

Easy to Procure

The good thing about a real security camera is that you can get one without difficulty. Along with other components for your home security, you can get real security cameras online. Accessibility is no longer an issue at this point.

You can also get security cameras from retail stores. Online merchants like Amazon or eBay also provide an easier access point to buy quality security cameras. It gives you more reasons to go for a real camera instead of a fake one.

It Prevents Legal Risks

Fake security cameras can be a source of legal risks as well. Some home and business owners got sued for using fake cameras due to the false sense of security that these posed. It becomes apparent when a crime occurs within proximity.

Fake cameras are a liability. Not only does it put your security at risk, but it also leaves others at risk. You will end up with a lawsuit because of it.

A Better Investment

Overall, real cameras offer a better investment. It helps you cut down on security system costs. When your alarm goes off, a real security camera can help you check if it was a confirmed alert or a false positive.

Real cameras also offer better quality with its materials and durability. These have rain resistance with high waterproofing. This is one feature that you should look for.

The quality also reflects on the materials on the covers. Real cameras use waterproof aluminum.

The other quality aspect is in the image resolution.

Invest in a Real Camera Today

Instead of settling for a fake camera, go for a real camera for your home security system. You need something that stands out with its durability and reliability to keep you and your household safe.

To make sure that you bolster your home security, we can provide you the components you need. From alarms to security cameras, we have it available for you. Contact us here and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can!

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