How Do Doorbells Work?

How Do Doorbells Work?

Thanks to Joseph Henry, the innovative mind behind the creation of doorbells, it is easy to notice the presence of visitors at your door! A doorbell is no mystery device, as most homes have at least one. In this article, we’ll give you some details on how doorbells work and the various types there are! If you’re looking to purchase a doorbell for your home or business, shop a wide selection of affordable, high quality door chimes right here on the Reliable Chimes & Security online store!

How Traditional Doorbells Operate

A doorbell is made up of a few different parts. One of the most important components of a doorbell is the chime. The chime refers to the segment of the doorbell that is responsible for making an alerting sound whenever someone pushes the button. Most people have more than one chime connected to the same doorbell so you can hear the alert no matter where you are in the house.  

Doorbells with chime use solenoids, which are a unique type of electromagnet. A solenoid refers to an electromagnet where the coiled wire circles a metal piston. This piston contains a magnetic conductive metal that allows it to move forward and backward. When the doorbell button is pressed, the piston moves back and forth within the electromagnetic field and hits two tone bars that produce the “ding-dong” sound. For different tone sequences, you can add more solenoids and tone bars. This enables the different patterns to sound when someone rings the back or front bell.

How Electronic Doorbells Operate

Electronic doorbells do not contain the solenoids or tone bars that make traditional doorbells operate. Instead, electronic doorbells have an integrated circuit that registers when the doorbell button is pressed. This integrated circuit then triggers a digital tone to play wherever the receiver is located inside the home or business. Electronic doorbells can also be wireless, making them extremely convenient and easy to install. No matter which kind of doorbell you prefer, these devices are essential for homes and businesses of all kinds!

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