How Do Wireless Intercom Systems Work?

How Do Wireless Intercom Systems Work?

Security and communication have come a long way from simple locks and keys or looking through a peephole. Wireless intercom systems are frequently used by businesses and even homeowners to ensure that guests, clients, or other visitors are vetted before entering a property. The highest-tech solutions for businesses and residential properties are often systems that allow people to not just ring a doorbell, but to be seen and spoken to by the resident or business owner via a camera and intercom. Intercom systems allow property owners to provide visitors with instructions for leaving packages, entering the building, and more. Learn about how wireless intercom systems work by reading below, or shop for affordable wireless intercom systems on our online store

What Are Wireless Intercom Systems?

To understand what a wireless intercom system is we need to fully define it. As we mentioned above, there are different types of wireless intercom systems that exist and that provide different features. Simply put, a wireless intercom is a system that allows two-way communication through specific points in a property. This is often used for security and allows guests or visitors to contact people inside the building and request that a door be unlocked for them.

How Do Wireless Intercom Systems Work?

Wireless intercom system technology has changed dramatically over the years. A few years ago, the most common application of a system like this in offices and apartment buildings was a buzzer. A press of a button would make a sound in a specific room in a property, and then a person in that room could press a button that would temporarily unlock the door. However, modern systems are more high-tech and often use the same technology our smart phones use, allowing the device outside to have the ability to call devices strategically placed throughout the property.

What Are My Options For A Wireless Intercom System? 

There are many different types of wireless intercom systems. Some simply have speakers that allow one person to talk to a specific device somewhere in the property and hear answers through the panel. Others use cameras which make it easier to identify who a person is when they are attempting to get inside a property. Here at Reliable Chimes & Security, we offer MURS wireless intercom systems with long-range transmitters and adjustable volume, making them a great option for residential and commercial properties!

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