How to Improve Visibility with Security Mirrors

How to Improve Visibility with Security Mirrors

On average, American business owners lose $13 billion worth of goods to shoplifters every year, something that worries them a lot. Apart from petty stealing, gunpoint theft creates a substantial amount of panic to these traders.

Now if the hiring a guard is not an option, how else can you secure your business? It’s easier than you can imagine!

Consider getting security mirrors for your business. Here’s why they are great for improving security standards of your enterprise.

1. Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective

Convex mirrors are made of durable and lightweight material. They range from glass, acrylic, polycarbonate to stainless steel. Availability of this material on your mirror intensifies its visibility, enhancing your security.

They require minimal skills to install hence are cost-friendly, sustainable, and require little or no maintenance at all. You can use them over a long period provided that you take good care of them since maintenance is more of cleaning which is costless.

2. Works Well in Combination of Security Cameras

In a perfect field with a clear vision, the convex mirror works best when put in tandem with CCTV cameras. Security cameras are innovated in different versions and are made to reach a specific limit of vision.

However, they cannot cover corners and some specific areas which can be reflected well when in combination with convex mirrors. The mirror enhances security because it helps you view happenings in all blind spots that conventional cameras can’t capture.

3. Designed With an Intensified Visibility

The convex mirrors are made in a divergent manner. Thus, they cause the light ray to split when reflecting an object. Rays of light that are collateral to each other will, therefore, split to a different direction to increase the field of vision hence widening the watcher’s visibility field.

It has a diverging effect which boosts its visualization field by going beyond hard to see areas while monitoring the target from a central point. Therefore, this characteristic makes it more viable and optimal for security purposes that best suit shopkeepers and other security personnel.

4. Environment-Friendly

Convex mirrors are made of recyclable material, which makes them safe for the environment. It uses no energy to operate its security functions. It lowers the energy burden to the user since it works effectively without using power.

In case of a power outage, these kinds of mirrors will remain standby monitoring all over without interference or experiencing a technical hitch.

5. They Provide a Crisp Image Reflection for Visibility and Clarity Purposes

These mirrors are made of unique materials that give a reflection of a virtual image that’s not only clear but also well-defined. Moreover,  the mirror cannot warp due to a change in temperature. Also, they don’t get scratches hence capture virtual reality images quite well.

The mirror captures exact images without distortion. Any theft orchestrated on your property is covered on the spot. Thus, you don’t need to doubt any occurrence in your mirror. In case of theft, take swift action as soon as possible to avoid losses.

6. Designed to Operate Both Indoor or Outdoor

The convex mirrors are designed with outdoor and indoor configuration. Thus, they are suitable for operating both inside a building and at the same time provide security around the targeted premises. An outdoor convex mirror has a heavy-duty rim and installation joint than the indoor, increasing security and durability.

The outdoor convex mirror has a wide visual field which allows it to cover a large area and improve the clarity of images.

7. Highly Resistant to Odd Weather and Environmental Elements

The divergent outdoor mirror is built of heavy-duty material. They have all-weather features which include anti-frost and anti-condensation elements that make them hardy against adverse weather. This improves the functionality of the mirror throughout the year.

These mirrors are tough and scratch-proof enabling them to reflect a crisp image in any weather condition. They also last longer because they’re barely affected by the impact.

8. Used as a Safety Gadget

Convex mirrors can serve both security and safety purposes in your business. Their location in every intersection and corners of your building give both employees and customers a clear view of the blind spots, significantly minimizing accidents.

Employees carrying items can easily maneuver their way as guided by convex mirrors put in place.

9. Improve Traffic Flow

Availability of convex mirrors in intersections and corners of buildings, classrooms, workplace, shops or outside on the street help in easing the flow of traffic. The mirror helps you view any moving object approaching you. You then give space for such objects to avoid congestion.

With the help of a convex mirror, congestion on our roads, streets, workplace, and recreational sites can be reduced significantly. They only need to be strategically installed and used appropriately.

10. How Long Should I Take to Repair Security Mirrors? 

You don’t have to repair your convex mirror after it’s completely worn out. Maintaining it is simple because it only needs regular cleaning to keep it in a desirable working shape.

To avoid scratching the mirror and to maintain its durability and effectiveness for long, let experts do the installation for you. They’ll guide you on the best cleaning procedure that’ll enhance the life of the mirror and keep it in good working condition.

11. Discourage Shoplifting

Mirrors will make customers believe that someone is keenly watching. Customers will see their reflection on the mirror and believe that the business is under tight security. The presence of convex mirror simply kills the intention of stealing.

The idea of 24-hour surveillance under a mirror watch discourages shoplifters from taking any merchandise from the store knowing pretty well they are being watched.

Worry No More! Get a Convex Mirror Now

With all these facts about security mirrors, worries shouldn’t be your portion anymore. Installing such mirrors is easy, relatively cheap, and convenient as long as you have the right information. Check out our blog for more information on convex mirrors today.

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