Magnetic Switch Kits Vs. Door Sirens: What’s The Difference?

Magnetic Switch Kits Vs. Door Sirens: What’s The Difference?

Magnetic switch alarms and door sirens are two types of devices that can be used to alert home and business owners of a door opening, and presumably, a person entering the establishment through that door. While these two types of devices serve the same basic purpose, there are some differences that can be important depending on the device’s application. In this article, we’ll talk about what each of these devices are and their differences so you can choose the option that’s right for your home or business! If you are in the market for a magnetic switch kit, door siren, or any other type of door chime, visit the Reliable Chimes & Security online store to find the high-quality, affordable security device that you’re looking for!

What Is A Magnetic Switch Kit?

Magnetic switch kits are devices that are used to detect and alert when a door or window opens or closes. Magnetic switch kits are composed of two pieces, one of which attaches to the door, and the other of which attaches to the wall or doorframe. These two separate parts are not physically connected, but when the door is closed so they are positioned directly next to each other, they create a magnetic field between them. When the door is opened, the two components separate from each other, breaking the magnetic field between them which in turn sets off the alert system, letting you know that the door has been opened. At Reliable Chimes & Security, we offer magnetic switch kits that can be customized to contain additional features like sirens, fire bells, strobes, buzzers, and more. Our magnetic switch kits also allow you to choose how long the alarm sounds for when a door has been opened, so you can decide whether you just want a quick chime sound or an extended alarm to go off!

What Is A Door Siren?

Door sirens are devices used to alert home and business owners of a door being opened for security purposes, customer service, or any other reason that they may want to know when a door has been opened. Door sirens work in a similar fashion to the magnetic switch kits mentioned above, but they are not always customizable and often do not contain as many features. In addition, all door sirens are battery operated, while magnetic switch kits are typically wired systems that hook up to the house or building's electricity, although they can be wireless if specifically requested.

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