Reliable Chimes & Security Has 30+ Years Of Experience Selling & Installing Door Chimes

Reliable Chimes & Security Has 30+ Years Of Experience Selling & Installing Door Chimes

If you are in the market for a door chime for your home or business, there’s no better online retailer than Reliable Chimes & Security! Unlike with some eCommerce giants like Amazon, our team at Reliable Chimes & Security makes customer service & customer satisfaction two of our biggest priorities! With 30+ years of experience selling and installing door chimes and similar products, Reliable Chimes & Security is your one stop shop for all your home or small business security needs! Continue reading below to learn more about what makes us the best online retailer for door chimes, security cameras, driveway alarms, warehouse doorbells, and much more!

Exceptional Customer Service

Here at Reliable Chimes & Security, we make customer service one of our top priorities! Unlike most ecommerce giants, we have a phone number (1-800-641-4111)  where we are always available to answer any questions you might have about our wide range of products! If you have any issue with one of our products or are having trouble finding the product that’s right for your needs, we’re here to correct the problem and get you the answers you’re looking for as soon as possible! We offer a standard 30 day return policy on all orders, so if you don’t love your product from Reliable Chimes & Security, we are happy to exchange it for the right product or get you your money back! Our return policy can also be extended under some circumstances with mutual agreement!

Knowledge & Experience

Not only do we have 30+ years of experience selling security products, but we’ve been installing them for just as long! Headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we offer installation services for business door chimes and driveway alarms within a 50 mile radius of Washington, D.C., for a nominal fee! Our extensive knowledge and experience with the products we sell make us a certified expert in the home & small business security products market!

Shop Door Chimes, Driveway Alarms, & Other Security Products Online From Reliable Chimes & Security!

If you have any questions about our customer service, installation services, or the security products we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Reliable Chimes & Security! Give us a call at (800) 641-4111 or, if you’re looking to purchase a security product for your home or business, shop on our online store!
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