The Best Places To Install Security Cameras In Your Business

The Best Places To Install Security Cameras In Your Business

If you're like most business owners, security is important to you. Unless you have security cameras properly set up throughout your business, you likely have areas of vulnerability in your store. Surveillance cameras serve as an extra pair (or more) of eyes for your company. Security cameras, like you, are good at keeping an eye on things. They provide protection, visibility, and even assist in ensuring staff safety and productivity - making them an excellent asset for any company. In this article, we'll go over the places in your business where you should be sure to install security cameras for added protection! In the market for security cameras? Check out our wide selection on the Reliable Chimes & Security online store

Places You Should Have Security Cameras In Your Business 

You'll only benefit from the full potential of business security cameras when they are put in the right places. Below, we'll go over the spots in a business where you should be sure to have security cameras!

Exits and Entrances 

Having security cameras prominently displayed at the building's entrances and exits helps track who is inside and how long they remain there. Cameras in these places will provide a clear view of anyone entering and exiting the building, which may deter anyone planning to commit theft or any other crime. Place the camera near anything that will grab the attention of a perpetrator, such as a TV monitor or a conspicuous sign, if you want to acquire a clear view of a person's face. Making customers aware of a security camera can also stop theft before it ever happens.

Points of Purchase 

Anywhere there are cash registers, there should be cameras. This will deter not only customers but also personnel from stealing. When installing cameras in these locations, make sure they're pointed in the direction of where the client would stand, and be sure not to place them up too high. If you have the camera too high up on the wall, you'll only have a good picture of the top of the customer's head, which isn't very useful for identifying suspects. Again, the mere presence of a camera is likely to deter thieves in the first place.


Because the reception area is so busy in most businesses, it should be monitored by a security camera. This is an area where you may opt for a more discreet camera. Security cameras now have the technology to be small enough to simply fit in with your business's natural decor.

Secluded Locations 

While installing security cameras in secluded locations may seem unnecessary, these are the locations where criminal activity is planned and executed. Dumpsters are among the most common areas where thieves hide stolen things; the employee will either throw it out and collect it later or send a partner to retrieve it. If surveillance cameras are installed, this type of conduct will be discouraged and prevented.

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