The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Camera Features

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Camera Features

Are you looking to get a security camera system installed in your home or business? Do you want to know what features make a business or residential camera different from the other?

Today, video footage is the best way to prove that something happened at home or at work. Having a security camera is one of the best crime deterrents and protection in the market. However, before you go shopping for a security camera, you need to know a few things.

Below, we’ve got a guide on the differences between the commercial camera and home camera.

1. What Home Surveillance Cameras Protect

Homeowners tend to feel safer if they know what’s happening at home, especially when they’re out of town. A home surveillance camera system can show you what’s happening and help ease your worries. There’s such rapid growth in the market for home security cameras that it will be at $9.7 billion by 2023.

Having these cameras around is ideal for homes with kids and/or seniors. It’ll help you see what your kids or elderly parents are doing at home. In case of health emergencies with a senior, you can call first responders to help them right away.

Pet owners will also feel better with leaving their pets at home when they have cameras at home. This can even help you see how silly or goofy your pets are when they’re alone. Plus, there won’t be any surprises with messy garbage or gnawed couch when you get home. You can also buy or think of a solution to the dog’s furniture-chewing problem right away.

2. What the Commercial Camera System Protects

The security risk with businesses is that they need complex security needs, as well. For example, business buildings need to offer different exits in case of emergencies. Yet, this can be at the cost of its security if not checked well.

Commercial buildings also face a different kind of threat. As we mentioned, residential cameras deter home invasions and burglaries. Compare this with the commercial camera that secures against outside and insider threats.

Thus, you need a security system that can solve all those complex needs. A commercial camera system has to focus on the inside of the business rather than the outside.

That means you need cameras pointed at your cashier, aisles, and entrance. This is great for catching shoplifters. You also need cameras in places where non-employees can’t go, like the stockroom.

It can also help deter employee theft and avoid lawsuits from fake slips or accidents. If you are the building owner, you’d want cameras in the parking area to protect people. It’ll make employees feel safer when they go to their cars after a shift.

Even if your business isn’t near a street where parades often occur, you’d want a security system in place. The events in 2020 alone say a lot about what can happen to businesses during riots. If you encounter looters or vandals, you have cameras to help you identify and catch them.

3. Differences Between the Residential and Commercial Camera

There are a few key differences between a business camera and a residential camera. First, let’s talk about cost. Commercial camera systems are more complex, especially with the installation.

You’ll need an expert to help set up your commercial camera system. Meanwhile, you can DIY the installation of your home camera system. If you plan to do that at your business, here are some security camera installation mistakes to avoid.

This means that commercial cameras will cost more. Another thing that adds up to the cost is the pay for employees who will observe the cameras. As a comparison, residential cameras use automated monitoring.

Commercial cameras are great for large businesses and places with a parking garage. It’s suitable if your business has many entrances and needs 24-hour surveillance. Residential cameras suit small businesses and homes.

4. Important Features for Residential and Commercial Cameras

Don’t buy the first set of cameras you find online. When you’re picking a CCTV system for your home or business, consider the features below.

What You Need to Look for in Commercial Camera Systems

You want to ensure that your security camera for business has high-definition video recording. You also need to pick one with a high frame rate for a smoother video. These two factors will let you see the faces of the people committing crimes.

This is important, especially if you plan to ban a customer or sue an employee in court. The camera will never lie, but you have to make sure that the shots are clear. It also makes identifying criminals faster.

If you’re getting a surveillance security option, look for one with a commercial-grade NVR or DVR. This feature offers large storage capacity or cloud storage. Some models even add the latest video compression technology to help with storage.

Finally, you want security cameras to have superior video analytics. This means looking for features like mobile notifications, automatic recording, and motion sensors. You can even get one with a direct, one-touch connection to the nearest law enforcement office.

What You Need to Look for in Home Camera Systems

For home video surveillance, you want a camera system that has great low-light performance and night vision. Since your home CCTV system won’t be on all the time, focus on a model with motion detection. You may also want one with good storage space or cloud storage.

Homeowners also prefer security cameras with smaller sizes. This makes it easier to fit cameras into corners. You can pick from a variety of camera sizes and shapes to find one best suited for your home.

You won’t be installing as many cameras in your home as businesses will. Even then, you want to get a good look at everything around the camera. Look for a model with a good field of view.

Like the business cameras, you also want one with app installation. This lets you check in your home even when you’re at work. Most apps also have a button to contact authorities in case of a break-in.

Ensure Your Home and Business Security

Those are the differences between a commercial camera system and a residential system.

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