The Pros and Cons of Using a Fake Security Camera in the Home

The Pros and Cons of Using a Fake Security Camera in the Home

The Pros and Cons of Using a Fake Security Camera in the Home

If you take home security seriously (as you should), then you'll want to do everything in your power to make sure your home is safeguarded as well as it can be. One tool many people is a fake security camera. Read this article to learn about the pros and cons of using this tool before deciding to purchase one.

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A security system for your home is a great investment, both for protection and peace of mind. Just the sight of one outside of your home or business is enough to deter a criminal act.

In fact, the Criminal Justice Department of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte reported that 60% of burglars convicted of their crime said spotting a security system on a home was enough for them to choose another target.

So what about a fake security camera? Are these dummy items enough to chase away the bad guys? Find out the pros and cons to see whether you should go with this cheaper option or opt for a true home security system.

The review below might surprise you.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Fake Security Camera Solutions

Fake security cameras are a useful solution, but they aren't a perfect one. These cheaper alternatives to real security cameras and systems have their share of pros and cons.

Before you make a decision on what to buy, it's important to weigh both sides. We dive deep into the benefits and downsides, as well as compare them to actual security cameras in order to give you a clear evaluation.

What are the Benefits of Fake Security Cameras?

There are multiple advantages to opting into fake security cameras. Your wallet and your time both get a reprieve when you choose this route. Here's why:

Fake Security Cameras are More Affordable Than Real Ones

Okay, so this point seems pretty obvious, but bear with us. When we say fake security cameras are cheaper, we aren't just talking about the initial cost. Real security cameras require maintenance, both on individual cameras and your system itself.

Fake security cameras are merely a shell of the real thing. Some have LED lights to mimic online operation, but these run on batteries. A simple replacement every once and awhile will suffice.

Real cameras involve checking and cleaning the lenses, inspecting and replacing wiring, and testing and maintaining your control equipment.

Fake Cameras are Easy to Set Up

There's very little work involved for setting up fake cameras around your home. While you want to make sure you install your false cameras in a way that mimics an actual security system, the actual process is quite simple.

Because there are no wires or extra hardware to link your dummy cameras together, all you have to do is install batteries--if your model requires them--and screw the dummy cameras into place.

Dummy Cameras are Good at Deterring Many Criminals

For many criminals, just the sight of a camera is enough to make them choose another target. When it comes to committing burglary, it's a common practice to seek out the easiest house to rob.

If your home shows an advanced security system, locking systems, or difficult entry, it makes the risk higher than the reward. Typically, a burglary is done within ten minutes. When they're in and out of the door quickly, they're less likely to attract attention or get caught.

If there is anything about your home that can delay this operation, they're less likely to attempt to break into it. That's what gives fake cameras so much influence.

What are the Cons Behind Fake Security Cameras?

Now that you know the benefits of dummy cameras, it's time to explore the downsides. While fake security cameras do work to an extent, they are not the equivalent of an actual security system.

Here are the things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Fake Security Cameras Can't Document Footage

Just as their name suggests, dummy cameras are fake. Even the models with LED lights have zero capabilities of recording anything. That's why they're so much cheaper than functioning security cameras.

If for some reason something does happen in your home, you won't have evidence. If you're looking for true security, you'll want to purchase an actual camera system.

Fake Cameras Can Be Recognized if You Know What to Look For

Not everyone is fooled by a dummy security camera. There are specific identifiers that can reveal your setup as a fake. This includes burglars and criminals who do their research and know what to look for.

For example, the red LED light on fake security cameras are rarely found on actual security systems. What is often a deterrent for the untrained eye may end up being the dead giveaway that marks your house as a target rather than not.

This is why if you have fake security cameras, it's often wise to pair them with other security measures, such as door chimes or in-home security alarms.

Some Businesses May Not Be Able to Use Fake Security Cameras

If you're planning to buy fake cameras as an extra security measure for your business, do your research first. In some cases, they may be illegal. This is due to the false sense of security they provide employees or guests visiting the premises.

If something actually transpired which caused harm to these individuals, a false security system may lead to legal trouble. If you're looking to heighten security for your business, consider purchasing real security cameras instead.

Not only will this better protect your investment, but it will also spare you any potential conflicts should a break-in or security breach actually arise.

Homes, however, are a different story. While real cameras are always the most secure option, you won't have to worry about legal complications behind using a fake setup.

Overall, fake security cameras are a more budget-friendly solution for deterring criminals and pairs well with other security measures for your home's defense.

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