The Top 7 Benefits of Business Door Chimes for Your Commercial Building

The Top 7 Benefits of Business Door Chimes for Your Commercial Building

Managing a business or a commercial building is a rewarding experience. When you are preparing your commercial space, you are meticulously trying to make sure it is completely perfect.

But running a shop is not an easy feat. You have to make sure your staff is hardworking, attentive, and can work efficiently. You also need to make sure that your customers are receiving great customer service.

You are frantically looking around for ways to make your shop better. And you are feeling overwhelmed because you're not sure what to do.

But have you ever considered business door chimes? 

If you haven't, then you're missing out. A business door chime is a great feature for your commercial shop.

If you've never considered it before, we've outlined the benefits of why you should adopt these chimes for your commercial shop.

The Benefits of Business Door Chimes

You want your shop to make an impression. You also want it to be a welcoming place for your customers and your staff. Your shop has to also be efficiently run. 

So what can you do to accomplish all of these above tasks?

If you need to make an improvement to your commercial shop, you'll want to seriously consider a business door chime. 

Here are the benefits:

1. Customer Service

Anyone who runs a business that deals with customers, knows the importance of great customer service.

If you happen to be at the back of your shop, you'll want to have the ability to drop your work and rush to the front, if a customer walks in. If a door chime is set off then you will know that a customer has walked in and you do not have to keep them waiting.

If you are helping one customer and hear the door chime, you know that another customer has walked in. You can briefly greet them and assure them that you will attend to them shortly.

Even if you keep them waiting, the mere acknowledgment of their presence will make them feel welcome.  

2. Keeping Track

Sometimes, you may forget how many customers came in on any given day. You can look through your receipts for the day for reference. Unfortunately, these receipts will only record customers who conducted a transaction. It will not count any upset customers or window shoppers or casual strollers.

You want a record of everyone who walked into your store on any given day. This can help you analyze how your shop is faring.

If 100 people entered your shop and you only have 10 receipts for the day, it means that only 10% of people who enter your shop become customers. This means, that you do not conduct a lot of transactions on any given day.

This statistic can help you determine what to do next to improve your business and acquire more customers.

To assist with a business door chime with a counter option is helpful

3. Security

Many modern business door chimes that have security features

You can find a door chime with a built-in camera. If you notice any of your products missing from the store, you can watch the footage from the door chime's camera to catch the culprit.

You can also find a door chime with a built-in alarm. If you have shut the shop for the day and someone breaks in, the door chime can detect their presence and let off an alarm.

You will be notified of this alarm and you'll be able to call the police. If your door chime has a camera as well, it'll be easier to identify the burglar.

4. Multi-Purpose

Business door chimes, as you can see, are multi-purpose.

You can install a door chime at the back door so you know that additional employees or delivery carriers have entered. This makes it easier for you to control your workflow.

If the shop is empty, you can hasten to the back to greet the employee or delivery carrier. If the shop is busy, you can ask one of your employers to handle the back while you take care of the front.

5. Tracking a Distance

If you find the constant noise of the door chime to be excessive for you and your customers, you can install a door chime at the back of the shop.

This door chime will either produce a low volume chime or let off a light signal. While this door chime is installed at the back of the shop, it can signal if a customer has entered through the front of the shop.

Similarly, you can install a door chime at the front of the shop to indicate if anyone has entered through the back.

6. Knowing When to Focus on Other Tasks

Your door chime lets you know when a customer needs to be served. This means that when the door chime is not sounding off, you can tell your staff to complete other tasks.

You can also record how many times the chime goes off. This will give you an idea of how much customer-free time there is in the store. During this customer-free time, you can complete your other tasks.

You can calculate, that on average, you have 2 hours of free time on any given day. This way you can organize tasks for you and your staff to complete their tasks in a timely manner.

7. It's Welcoming

Finally, the greatest benefit of business door chimes is that they are welcoming.

As we stated before, a customer can feel welcome when you acknowledge their presence. The door chime has this same effect on your employees. They will like that their presence has been welcomed when they enter the store.

It also adds to the vibrancy of the shop. If you hear it on a regular basis it gives you a great sense of stimulation. It energizes the shop and encourages you and your staff to work harder to benefit your customers.

Come on in!

Now that you know the benefits of business door chimes, you should purchase and have them installed in your commercial shop.

Be sure to read more content on how to install a business door chime and the other devices that you should have in your shop!

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