The Wireless Doorbell: An Easy Upgrade to Your Home

The Wireless Doorbell: An Easy Upgrade to Your Home

Looking for a fast and easy way to upgrade your home's security?

Do you live in a home unequipped with a doorbell? Did your wired doorbell meet its end? Do you live in an apartment and wish you had a doorbell?

A wireless doorbell is an inexpensive option that solves your problem.

Wired doorbells once served as the only option for consumers. Electricians installed these units into an electrical system running through a customer's wall. The wired doorbell alerted homeowners to guests at their door.

When wireless doorbells came into production, they lacked consistency. Wireless technology changed with the time. Gone are the days of the unreliable connections.

A wireless system is a practical choice for your home. Let's discuss this type of doorbell's many benefits.

How The Wireless Doorbell Works

Wireless doorbells consist of two parts:

  1. a transmitter
  2. a receiver

The transmitter acts as the button your guests push outside of your door. It sends a signal to the receiver when pressed. You'll place the receiver inside the door. The receiver alerts you of guests through the use of sound.

No wiring required!

Uses of The Wireless Doorbell

The potential uses of this type of doorbell go beyond your ordinary front door. Their easy relocation and installation make them great for:

  • back doors
  • apartments
  • apartment building
  • front gate
  • boats
  • alerts for bedridden persons
  • hearing the doorbell from the backyard

Since your doorbell requires no wires, you can relocate the wireless doorbell most anywhere in your home. 

Benefits of A Wireless System

Going wireless is an inexpensive alternative to hiring an electrician to install a wired doorbell.

In fact, one of the major benefits of this type of doorbell is the easy install and repair. You don't need to hire an expensive electrician to get your doorbell in working order.

If you move, you can take your doorbell with you without any fuss. 

For a home without a doorbell or an apartment, your level of security improves.

Features of Wireless Systems

Wireless doorbells offer many features.

Most users love that you can select your own chime. You're no longer held down to the age-old ding-dong. Some systems even let you upload your own chimes or sounds. 

This feature helps those that have a hard time hearing or hear certain tones clearer than others.

With a wireless system, you can choose from many materials and design. Choose a design that stands out or one that fits with your decor.

Hearing impaired? Many of these doorbells flash to alert you of a visitor.

You can even weatherproof your wireless system.

If you want added security, go for an option with a built-in security camera

Looking for a serious upgrade? They also include motion sensors and intercom units.

Ready to buy? 

As you can see, the reasons for going wireless speak for themselves. 

A wireless system provides you with added security no matter where you live. 

So what are you wa

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