Things To Consider When Purchasing A Business Door Chime

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Business Door Chime

Business door chimes have a wide array of benefits for your company’s security and customer service! Business door chimes improve customer service because they alert employees of a customer in the store, meaning they won’t be left waiting for help. Door chimes increase the security presence in your business because you and your staff will know whenever someone comes in the door. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the factors that you should consider when purchasing a door chime for your business!

Wired Vs. Wireless Door Chimes

When choosing a door chime, business owners can choose between a wired door chime or a wireless door chime.  

Wireless door chimes have a transmitter switch attached to the chime that uses radio waves to release a chiming sound or a light. When someone pushes a button or walks through the door, your staff will be alerted to someone entering the store. One of the primary benefits of a wireless door chime is that they don’t require any complicated installation. Most wireless door chimes rely on batteries, so you should keep in mind that the batteries will need to be changed or recharged periodically. 

Wired door chimes have similar characteristics, but they rely on a central unit that is installed in the building to work properly. Wired doorbells are also reasonably easy to install and maintain. Wired door chimes, however, can not be easily moved or taken down. One downside to wired door chimes is that if the power in the building goes out, the wired door chime won’t work.  


Door chimes offer added security to businesses that interact with customers like stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants, and more. Companies that need to safeguard information can also benefit from having door chimes. The additional security measures available for most door chime models can enhance the security of any business. Video door chimes have security cameras right in the chime that will capture clear, time-stamped footage for the business showing anyone going in or out. Some also have alarms and other security features.  

Door Chime Placement Within Your Business

Where you place a door chime in your business should be related to how you want the chime to function. If you want the chime to alert your staff every time the door is opened, put the chime on a primary door where the alarm will be heard by all the employees. Getting camera footage of everyone coming and out can also be good for business owners.  

Other businesses may want to put the chime in a spot where it won’t disrupt the day-to-day activities of the staff. In that case, you can put the door chime in a section of the business that is quiet and doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic.  

The Type of Business You Have

The type of business that you have will also determine what kind of door chime you need. If you are a renter in your building or storefront, you may not be allowed to make changes to the building, meaning you should consider a wireless door chime. If you own the building your business operates out of, installing a wired door chime shouldn’t be a problem. Additionally, the chime sound and door chime setup may differ depending on what kind of business you run. For example, a restaurant may not want to interrupt customers with a chiming sound every time someone enters, while the chiming sound would not be a problem in retail stores.

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