What Are The Benefits Of Using Fake Security Cameras?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Fake Security Cameras?

Fake security cameras are exactly what they sound like: security camera replicas that, while looking completely identical to the real thing, do not record any footage. The main goal of a fake security camera is to make potential criminals think that you’re recording them, when in reality, you are not. Fake security cameras are a more cost-effective option than their real counterparts, meaning they’re a great option for businesses on a budget. Fake security cameras come in a wide range of styles, from the old-school looking gun-shaped cameras to the more modern, sleek, dome shaped cameras. If you’re looking to purchase a security camera for your business, whether it be a real or fake one, Reliable Chimes & Security has a vast selection of affordable cameras that are sure to improve your business’s security! In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of purchasing and installing a fake security camera in your business!

Highly Affordable

One of the main reasons that business owners opt for fake security cameras over the real thing is that they’re much less expensive. Fake security cameras usually sell for anywhere between $5 and $50, while real security cameras can end up costing you anywhere from a hundred to thousands of dollars. This price difference alone can make some business owners opt for fake cameras. Fake security cameras will also save you money when it comes to the equipment needed to run them. Because fake security cameras don’t actually record anything, you don’t need to hook them up to a computer or harddrive. With real security cameras, you’ll need some additional equipment like a computer to store and watch footage, which can end up being quite costly.

Ease Of Installation

Fake security cameras couldn’t be easier to install. All you need to do is find a place in your business where the fake camera will be in plain sight to your customers, then mount it in that spot on the wall or ceiling with a couple of screws. Real security cameras, on the other hand, require wiring and other electrical work that can be complicated to some business owners that do not have experience installing them. 

Added Security

While fake security cameras won’t help you catch thieves in the act or after the fact, they can help prevent theft. The mere presence of a security camera (or fake one) will often be enough to deter a criminal, as they’ll believe the footage will get them caught. Fake security cameras can also be useful as one part of a larger security system, equipped with door bells, alarms, security mirrors, and more!

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