What Do Security Mirrors Do?

What Do Security Mirrors Do?

Security mirrors are used inside businesses because they are cost-effective solutions for safety and security. By placing security mirrors in corners and other at-risk areas of a store or other type of business, you can eliminate blind spots and help prevent theft and other crimes. Security mirrors are also helpful in warehouses and offices to give employees the ability to essentially see around corners. There are a few different types of security mirrors that we’ll talk about in this article, each of which has different advantages for different applications! If you are thinking about purchasing security mirrors for your business, Reliable Chimes & Security offers a wide selection of them at great prices! Shop our online store today!

Indoor Convex Mirrors

A convex mirror’s reflective surface curves outwards, giving whoever is looking at it a fish-eye view of the area below the mirror. The curve on a convex mirror is not as severe as it is on a dome mirror, giving the person looking at it a more clear and non-distorted picture of the area below. Convex security mirrors can reflect up to 160 degrees of area around where it is placed, making them perfect for corners and other blind spots where customers may attempt to steal items. Here at Reliable Chimes, we offer a line of indoor convex mirrors that are made of Grade A optical glass or shatterproof acrylic, making them the perfect cost-effective security solution for your store or business!

Dome Mirrors

Dome mirrors work in a similar way to convex mirrors, but they offer a 360 degree view of the area below, eliminating any blind spots that may be in their field-of-view. Dome mirrors are curved more than convex mirrors, making the picture they produce a bit more distorted and unclear than their convex counterparts. Dome mirrors get less effective the farther away you are from them, making them ideal for people that are fifteen to twenty feet away from them at most.

Inspection Mirrors

Inspection mirrors are mirrors that are attached to a pole with a handle. These mirrors are perfect for seeing things that you might otherwise have to get on the floor or strain your neck to see. For instance, if you want to look at the underside of a car, a crate, or anything else with a small opening near the ground, inspection mirrors will make doing so infinitely easier. Here at Reliable Chimes, we offer several different styles of inspection mirrors, some which even have built-in lights, that will make whatever job you’re trying to do a lot easier! Shop inspection mirrors on our online store today!

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