What Is A Security Mirror?

What Is A Security Mirror?

A security mirror is a low-cost, maintenance-free tool that’s perfect for any business trying to increase its security. Security mirrors are lightweight and easy to install, allowing you to position them throughout your store to eliminate blind spots between aisles and around corners. Like security cameras, these mirrors deter vandalism and theft, but they require minimal maintenance and no electricity. At Reliable Chimes & Security, we offer our customers a wide selection of convex, dome, and flat security mirrors in our online store!

What Are The Benefits Of A Security Mirror?

A security mirror’s main benefit is simply that it adds an inexpensive, low-maintenance security measure to your business. These mirrors can be installed in corners, on the ceiling, on walls, and anywhere else where added security is needed. Security mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes so that you can customize your setup to your store’s specific needs. By installing mirrors in your business, you can eliminate blind spots so that you and your employees can deter theft and vandalism. Security mirrors are a great way to supplement your security cameras because they’re much less expensive, require no maintenance or electricity, and can provide wider angles that cameras can’t. The presence of these mirrors alone will increase your business’s security, as customers who know they can be seen are much less likely to steal or vandalize.

What Kind Of Security Mirror Is Right For My Business?

Security mirrors come in various shapes and materials, all of which are good for different things. The most common security mirror materials are glass, acrylic, plastic, and stainless steel. All of these materials are designed to be highly reflective and durable, so the mirror material that’s right for your business is usually just a matter of preference. The difference between convex and dome mirrors is that a convex mirror will provide a larger image of a smaller area, while dome mirrors provide a wider angle but a smaller image. Flat mirrors are great for hanging on the ceiling to give you an overhead view of a specific area. No matter the needs of your business, Reliable Chimes & Security has the right security mirror for you!

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