Why Do Elevators Need Mirrors In Them?

Why Do Elevators Need Mirrors In Them?

Have you ever wondered why most elevators have mirrors in them? This is a commonly pondered question that many people do not know the answer to! Apart from allowing people to see themselves, mirrors in elevators make people feel more comfortable during their short trip. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into why this is! Looking to purchase an elevator or security mirror for your business? Shop for them on the Reliable Chimes & Security online store!


Mirrors in the elevator keep you informed of everything around you when ascending or descending to your preferred floor. In most cases, people are riding in an elevator with strangers. Mirrors provide a clear view of what is going on around you, even when you stand in front of others. If thieves or other criminals are in the elevator, the mirror quickly notifies you of what is about to happen. Mirrors reduce the chances of a crime occurring, especially theft and attacks! Elevator mirrors are required by law in self-service elevators in many states, including New York and New Jersey!


Mirrors help people with anxiety and claustrophobia relax when they are in elevators! Claustrophobia, or the fear of confined spaces, is often triggered in elevators, as they are small spaces that can not be exited until the door opens. Mirrors help elevators feel less cramped and can help reduce these feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia for people who experience them!


Elevators are a boring place because there is nothing to do but stand there until you get to your destination. For this reason, mirrors are used to give people a necessary distraction and make time go by faster, especially in buildings with many floors where people can be in the elevator for longer periods of time. Many people also like to use elevator mirrors to adjust their appearance before getting to work, a meeting, or other public space! 

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