10 Tips to Choosing Wireless Doorbells for Warehouses

10 Tips to Choosing Wireless Doorbells for Warehouses

Wireless doorbells have really taken off in popularity over the last few years. The ability to easily upgrade is a major drawn to home and business owners across the country. 

But not all wireless doorbells are created equally. These helpful pieces of technology come with a wide range of features, different looks, and fit all budgets. Picking the right doorbell for your warehouse can be a big job!

We've broken down the top ten things you should consider on your hunt for the best doorbell! 

1. Ease of Installation

The great thing about wireless doorbells is that you can do the installation all by yourself! A traditional doorbell may require the help of an electrician to be set up and installed. 

But installing wireless doorbells can be as easy as connecting it to the power source and then mounting the bell and receivers in place. A job pretty much anyone can handle. 

Though most wireless doorbells follow this same structure, they all are slightly different depending on their exact technology and the extra features they may have. 

So it's helpful to make sure you'll be able to handle the installation process on your own before purchasing. Checking out online reviews for the doorbell may reveal any difficulties others had during installation so you can know what to avoid. 

2. Source of Power

There are two main types of doorbells; battery-operated or wired-in power source. This will be an important decision for you to make before choosing a new system for your warehouse.

Obviously a battery-operated doorbell will be much quicker and more simple to install. Usually, that just involves inserting the batteries and then mounting the whole system. Skipping the step of wiring in the power will make it a good choice for those with fewer handyman skills. 

But using a battery for the power source means that there is much more monitoring involved. The level of power left will have to be checked regularly to make sure it doesn't die at an inopportune time. 

Wiring in can take a little bit more work upfront for installation. After that, it can be forgotten and you don't have to worry about it dying randomly. That is why Reliable Chimes offers a wired door bell kit for warehouses in multiple configurations

3. Level of Durability 

If you're going to invest the money and time into setting up a new wireless doorbell system for your warehouse, you want it to last. 

This isn't a product that you want to be replacing every year or doing repairs on a regular basis. The durability of the system should be an important factor that you look into during your search. 

Most doorbells are created to be outdoors and withstand all of the elements that come with that. But some are better rated for specific areas and climates than others. 

This is another place where online reviews are helpful to see how things have actually held up. Doing a little bit of research ahead of purchasing can save you a lot of headaches and money. 

4. Distance Requirements 

Warehouses come in a very wide range of sizes. They can be the size of a store or house or as big as a football field. It just depends on the company's needs. 

Because of this range, warehouse doorbells can't be one size fits all. One thing that should definitely be looked at before purchasing is that the sound from the doorbell will be able to be heard as far away as necessary. 

Doorbells work with a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is the button you push on the outside of the building. Then the receivers are placed within and produce the sound. You can usually adjust the volume that comes from the receiver to fit the space.

It's very helpful to know the distance you need the sound to travel to compare to the volume produced by the doorbell. 

5. Multiple Receivers

Some warehouses are just too big for even the loudest doorbell to reach. In this case, you can add receivers to the package to help move the sound around the whole space. 

Not all doorbell systems will come with the ability to add multiple receivers and everything be connected. 

If your space is big enough to need multiple receivers, it's important to make sure the system you're choosing can support that. Those systems will advertise this capability and offer you the choice to add on the receivers you need. 

The next step will be deciding where those extra receivers will go in order to get you the best sound quality and the range you need. 

6. Changing Frequencies 

Wireless doorbells use a technology called frequency. This is a way to measure the number of sound waves that pass in a time period. 

A signal can be sent to different areas using machines that pick up frequencies. If the machines are calibrated to the same frequency then they will be able to get the message being sent. 

Many appliances and machines use frequency technology. This means that occasionally your doorbell may intercept a frequency message and not function properly. This could happen if the garage door remote and the doorbell are set to the same frequency for example. 

If you have other things that use this technology in your warehouse, it's important to look for a system that will allow you to change the frequency channel to avoid these misunderstandings. 

7. Integration with Security System

More than 8% of businesses will experience a break-in or burglary, which is why most businesses have strong security systems to protect their spaces. 

Many current systems offer wireless doorbell features that work with the rest to keep the property secure. But if you are switching to a new doorbell system and already have a security system, you'll want to make sure they can work together. 

The type of doorbell that is being added into security systems frequently have video recording capabilities. 

When someone pushes the doorbell it will automatically start recording and that can be streamed from a mobile device. This is helpful to see who's there currently or to go back and get footage if something unfortunate does happen. 

Adding in security features opens a whole other world of options for wireless doorbells. 

8. Within Budget

Obviously one of the first things you should look at when beginning your search for a new wireless doorbell is the price. 

Businesses have to keep to a strict budget in order to be successful and make a profit. So spending more than allocated for a doorbell system can throw that balance completely off. 

Because there are so many options available on the market, wireless doorbell prices span a wide range. 

Just because you may want to go with a less expensive option doesn't mean you will have to sacrifice the features that you want most. There are very affordable doorbell systems that can do all the things as well. 

It's just important to set a budget before you begin shopping to ensure that you stay within that limit. 

9. Fits Design Aesthetic 

The design of a business building is an important branding opportunity. When the building matches the branding, it can help drive the company's message home. 

If you work so hard to get a beautiful building to match your design aesthetic, you don't want an ugly, eyesore doorbell. Luckily, doorbell companies have come a long way in their design abilities and there are many great options out there. 

New, improved doorbell looks are streamlined and modern-looking. If you choose, they can make a statement about how current the company is on trends. 

Or the doorbell can completely blend in with the rest of the building and not be noticed at all. The camouflaged-look allows the rest of the design elements to stand out and be the stars of the show. 

Either option is great, it just depends on your company's personal preference. 

10. Sound Options

Gone are the days of a regular old "ding dong" being your only sound option. Now doorbells come equipped with many doorbell sound options. 

This is more of a fun feature than a necessary one. But it can be exciting to choose a doorbell sound that you'll likely be hearing multiple times a workday for an extended period of time. 

It may also be helpful to have different sounds for different entrances if you have multiple. 

These sounds are pre-programmed and you can just select the option that works best for you. It's an easy customization option that doesn't take any extra wiring or programming on your end. 

Choosing the Right Wireless Doorbells for Your Warehouse

Getting the right wireless doorbell for your warehouse can be a big game-changer. It will allow you to better function in your space and not worry about missing deliveries or visitors. 

With so many good options available, using this guide will certainly help you to find just the right fit for your needs. 

If you're interested in getting set up with a whole warehouse wireless doorbell system, contact us today!

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