Collection: Security Mirrors


Security mirrors, also known as convex mirrors or safety mirrors, provide an extra layer of security by helping you see around blind spots or behind you. These mirrors are made with security in mind. They improve visibility while discouraging vandalism and theft. Much like security cameras, this will let people know that they are being watched and to think twice before they do something illegal.


These mirrors come in many shapes, giving you different viewing angles and installation options. Perhaps the most common shapes are the dome and the circular convex mirror. You can install these on ceilings, around corners, or anywhere else you can think of. There are also flat mirrors and see-through mirrors as well that enhance your viewing angles.


You should consider adding these mirrors to your security network. While cameras are one of the best ways to protect yourself and record illegal activities, it's difficult to cover every angle with a camera. This can be expensive and requires a lot of networking and digital storage to use.


Mirrors, on the other hand, are very affordable while helping you see if someone is trying to steal from you or vandalize your property. Not only that, but they are simple to install. Hang them up and that's it. No batteries, no power sources, no digital storage or SD cards, none of that. It only takes a few minutes to hang the mirror and then you're finished.


You'll find that these mirrors come in a variety of materials, such as polycarbonate, acrylic, glass, plastic and so on. All these materials are highly durable and can take a hit if they fall (which they never should unless there is an issue with the installation site).


While most people will hang these mirrors indoors, there's no restriction about using them outdoors. You can hang any mirror outside, but we suggest choosing outdoor-specific mirrors. These mirrors have more durable parts and resist the elements. They'll have an easier time against weathering, ensuring they last for many years.


These mirrors will also provide a useful safety function for employees. Violent crime happens, and sometimes it affects small businesses and your employees. A safety mirror can help employees see where the intruder is and where he or she is going. This can help them plan an effective escape route.


Here are only a few security mirror features:


- Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs


- Complement cameras to create an effective security network


- Help you view around corners, behind you or other blind spots


- Easy to install and quite affordable


If you want to improve security and extend your viewing angles around corners and other spots, then a security mirror is ideal. They only take minutes to install and you'll instantly see the difference. This will help you protect your business, property and your employees. Give it a try and you'll see how well they round out your security network.