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Business Door Chime RC 13 S + Set For Open Doors

Business Door Chime RC 13 S + Set For Open Doors

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About This Product

The Model RC 13S + is the NEWEST PRODUCT OF THE RC 13 S SERIES of our motion sensor of our commercial door chimes. The RC 13 S + is now available and may have an unlimited number of transmitters and receivers


Why you might ask ?

Ding dong! That should be the sound of money entering your pocket, not leaving. You don't need to spend a fortune increasing the security of your storefront.

Affordability doesn't mean minimal features. This door chime gives you what you everything you need to know when customers enter and leave your store.

The versatility of this chime will ensure that it meets your needs. The RC 13 S + Motion chime with remote is the top choice for smaller locations that have a divided space where there is the store in front and a workspace in the back.


Door Chime Features:

  • - 110 Degree sensor radius
  • - 25 Feet of motion sensing
  • - 90 Feet of signal strength to receiver
  • - 32 Different chime sound options
  • - 3 Chime volume levels

Start monitoring your store's doorway with the most cost-effective motion sensor chime on the market.


Motion with 25 feet projection range in 110 Degree radius

Uses 3 AAA Batteries( included )

On/Off Switch

80 to 90 feet transmission range ( will vary but this is realistic )


32different tones

Volume Controlled - Hi/ Medium/ Low

Plug in

Will have flashing lights on the receiver that may be activated at the end user's discretion

Some of our customers that use this chime are Subway sub shops. Domino's, All Things Remembered, Taco Bell, and numerous others

An excellent choice  for any small business such as :

  • Pizza shop
  • dry cleaner 
  • convenience store
  • restaurant
  • deli
  • donut shop
  • Nail salon
  • May also be used for monitoring a garage door
  • To monitor a pet door


18 month warranty with expected life 3 to 5 years based on experience.  Very few can offer this warranty at this price!