9 of the Best Small Business Security Cameras

9 of the Best Small Business Security Cameras

According to a report from the University of North Carolina's Department of Justice and Criminology, 60 percent of burglars would look for security cameras before entering the property.

Of those burglars, 40 percent of them said if they saw security cameras, it would be motivation enough to move on. 

Unfortunately, in this day in age, it's necessary to install surveillance cameras to keep you, your family, and your business safe.

There are so many benefits for small businesses to install security cameras. Keep reading this guide to learn some of the very best small business security cameras to own today.

1. Nuvis 24C WiFi IP Camera 

The Nuvis 24C WiFi IP camera is one of the best security camera systems for small businesses in need of surveillance.

With 2MP high resolution, you won't miss a bit of what's happening at your business when you're not there. Built-in WiFi ensures continuous recording and remote capabilities.

The camera also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can communicate through the device if needed.

With actual day and night screening, you can view images no matter what time of day it is, whether that be mid-day or the middle of the night.  

2. Nuvis 724 IP

The Nuvis 724 IP camera comes loaded with a 4MP camera for high-resolution viewing to give you peace of mind while you are away from your business.

This is a dome camera, giving you a wide-angle shot of what matters most to you. The Nuvis 724 IP gives you a viewing of 20 frames per second at a resolution of 2688x1520.

With an IP66 rating, this camera is "dust tight." That means it offers the highest level of protection against:

  • Particles
  • Water
  • Dust
  • Oil
  • And non-corrosive material

With an EXIR range of up to 100 ft, you can feel comfortable knowing you have the latest and greatest technology when it comes to night-time surveillance.

3. Nuvis Wireless 4 Camera Security System

If you're looking for some more power when it comes to your security system, we have just the product for you.

The Nuvis wireless 4 camera security system comes loaded with an NVR recorder and four cameras. This Nuvis camera system is one of the best camera systems for small business owners worried about security.

The cameras have the capabilities for up to 4-megapixel resolution recording. With the NVR recorder, you get up to four channels of synchronous playback at a 1080P resolution.

The included SATA hard drive offers up to 6TB capacity of storage.


Offering Sony 1080P image sensory and motorized auto-focus, the CYTE TV250WIRAF is an excellent option for any small business owner looking for a high-quality security camera.

The camera has true day and night mode allowing for viewing at any point throughout the day. It's also weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about where you place the camera since it can go anywhere indoors or outside. 

With four high power array IR's, it's capable of viewing up to 300 feet away! That makes it one of the best surveillance systems for businesses that need to observe larger areas.

Also, with remote zoom and auto-focus, this security camera is perfect for detecting movement and checking on your establishment.

5. Nuvis 85W HD IP EXIR

The Nuvis 85W HD IP EXIR bullet camera is a small business owner's dream when it comes to a business security camera.

You won't miss a thing with the high-resolution 8-megapixel camera that offers crystal-clear picture. 

Viewing 20 frames per second at a resolution of 3840x2160, you can feel safe knowing your business is being protected.

With an IP67 rating, this camera can be completely submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 mins without water getting through. This means that you can place this camera pretty much anywhere without having to worry about the weather.

6. Picasso 3EIR

The Picasso 3EIR comes with a metal armor dome for protection no matter where it's needed. You can feel safe knowing this high-quality dome camera will be looking out for your small business.

With a Sony 1.3MP Exmor sensor, you can trust that you're seeing some of the best image quality offered on the market. 

The Picasso 3EIR comes with 24IR LED lights built-in for viewing up to 70 feet! 

This camera also offers a 92-degree angle of view, making it perfect for perimeters and doorways.

7. TV212EIR From CYTE

The TV212EIR From CYTE is a high definition turbo interface varifocal eyeball camera.

Offering a Sony 1080P image sensor, you're sure to catch everything on this security camera. Also built-in is true day and night mode for HD viewing any time of the day or night.

This dome camera also comes with an IP66 rating, giving you peace of mind against the natural elements.

This camera also has 36 IR LED lights for viewing of up to 100 feet.

8. VND49IR Vandal-Resistant Dome

With the VND49IR vandal-resistant dome camera, you can feel safe knowing your small business is in good hands.

This camera offers protection against the most intrusive invaders. With its unique design, the vandal-resistant dome is designed to take a beating and continue recording to ensure the criminals will be caught. 

This camera is perfect for higher-theft areas and small businesses concerned with the well-being of their business.

The 24 IR LEDs will automatically turn on and off when needed to record whatever happens.

9. Small Business Open Package

Looking for the complete starter package? Even a fake security camera can help deter theft.

With our small business open package, you receive an

  • LED open sign 
  • Business door chime
  • Fake security camera 
  • Security sign 

The signage will help attract people, whether it's night or day and bring them in for business. 

With the door chime and fake security camera, it'll help prevent unwanted visitors and criminal activity.

For More Information on Small Business Security Cameras

If you're a small business owner, there is sure to be a security camera system on this list that will be the perfect fit for you. Having a security system will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on growing your business.

If you would like more information on small business security cameras, check out our website! We offer a variety of door chimes, driveway alarms, and security monitors and cameras. 

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