How Do Motion Activated Security Cameras Work?

How Do Motion Activated Security Cameras Work?

Motion activated security cameras are used to capture footage when something in the field of view is actively moving. They are able to do this by monitoring the difference between the pixels in two consecutive frames. If there is enough pixel change, the camera will begin to record. Different cameras have different thresholds for the amount of pixel change that needs to occur in order for the camera to begin recording, so it’s important to decide whether your camera needs to record even the most minor changes or just major movements. Some motion activated cameras also have settings where you can adjust the movement threshold needed to begin recording footage.

What Are The Benefits Of A Motion Activated Security Camera?

Motion activated security cameras are efficient and budget friendly, as they use less power when they only record during movements. Motion activated cameras also take up less storage space than cameras who are recording 24/7, reducing the need for large memory banks. These cameras also have the ability to alert you when they detect movements, letting you know when someone or something is moving around inside or outside your home or business! Motion activated cameras are an excellent security feature for any home or business owner that wants to beef up their security!

Motion Activated vs. Traditional Security Camera: Which Is Right For Me?

The decision on whether to opt for a motion activated security camera or traditional security camera comes down to what you need the camera for. If you run a store that wants to keep 24/7 surveillance of the interior and exterior of your store, a traditional camera is the right choice for you. If you would like to be notified of people moving around the exterior of your home or business, then a motion activated camera is probably your best bet! Either way, both types of security cameras will improve the overall security of your residence or business!

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