Pros and Cons of Using Fake Cameras for Home Security

Pros and Cons of Using Fake Cameras for Home Security

With burglary rates at over 1.2 million a year, home security has to matter to us all. The victims of burglaries lost $3.4 billion with the average loss being $2,799. It's time to invest in crime prevention.

Using fake cameras to deter burglars and intruders has benefits and risks. Check out these pros and cons before you install fake cameras for home security.

What Are Fake Cameras?

Fake security cameras are realistic replicas of real security cameras. The external appearance is similar to a real security camera but they have an important difference.

Fake security cameras are not fitted with real cameras. They do not record the scene. They do not relay any images to a CCTV operator or screen.

A fake camera may have a light or a flashing light that replicates the light a real security camera has. this is intended to suggest that there is a power supply to the camera and that it is operating as a real camera. The light is powered by a small onboard conventional battery.

A real security camera will have both a power supply and a connection to a monitor or recording equipment. The connection can be in the form of cables or wireless communication. The images can be used live to alert security staff or a householder to a threat to security.

Recording equipment allows images to be saved and reviewed at a later date. The recordings may be used as evidence in proceedings against illegal intruders.

Advantages of Fake Cameras for Home Security

Both fake cameras and real camera have their uses. The advantages of fake cameras depend on the context in which they are being used. 

Deterrent Effect

A fake security camera can act as a deterrent to intruders and people with criminal intent. Intruders may believe that the cameras are recording them. They may be concerned that the images are being monitored and that the camera operator may raise the alarm.

Intruders may believe that cameras may be used to identify them. Either faces, clothing or vehicles can be recorded by a real camera and provide clues to the identity of a criminal intruder. If the intruder believes that the camera is real they could fear that their identity could be discovered.

Casual intruders looking for easy pickings are likely to seek out alternative locations with no security devices rather than risk discovery.

Easy Installation

A fake security camera is easy to fit. Because they don't need any power cables or cables to relay the video images they can be fitted without any electrical work. This means you don't need an electrician or expert to fit them.

A real security camera may need some configuration to enable receivers to work. This can be a technical task as there can be issues with interference and conflicts. A fake camera can be fitted quickly and easily with no technical issues.

Light Weight

There are some locations when the weight of a camera is a problem. Some materials will not bear the weight of a real camera but can take a fake camera with ease. Fitting a lightweight fake camera may be the only option.

Low Operating Cost

A fake camera does not need to be maintained like a real camera. There are no servicing costs and no ongoing support costs to cover for a possible breakdown. A fake security camera may have an inexpensive battery fitted to operate a flashing light and this can be replaced very cheaply.

A real camera has a power supply and so there are electricity running costs. Generally, the camera will operate continuously. Although the camera will not use much power it is drawing current for a long time and so the cost can mount up.

As there is no power supply to a fake camera as it does not use mains electricity. This means that the operating costs are nil. This is great for your budget and for the environment too.

Price Advantage

A fake camera does not have any of the expensive components of a real camera. With little more than the casing to pay for, a fake camera comes with a huge price advantage. You can buy multiple fake cameras for the price of a real one.

It's also possible to add several fake cameras alongside a real one. This multiplies the deterrent effect of security cameras at a fraction of the cost of a full set of real ones.


Fake cameras can be fitted in many more locations than real ones. Even in locations where cables might be difficult to fit a fake camera can be fitted. They can be fitted inside and outside and even fitted with fake cables so they look as if they have a real cabled connection.

Disadvantages of Fake Cameras for Home Security

Fake cameras might seem a great solution for you. The price advantage alone is very attractive. However, the advantages are not the whole story.

There are disadvantages to fake security cameras and there are also times when a real camera has a distinct advantage.

Criminal Knowledge

Experienced criminals may be able to determine whether a camera is real or fake. The absence of wires can betray that a camera is fake. 

The flashing lights on fake security cameras may not be exactly the same as those on real cameras. A seasoned criminal may be able to recognize specific brands of fake cameras and real cameras.

No Alarm

A fake camera has the disadvantage that it will not raise the alarm if an intruder is active. If an intruder has taken steps to hide their identity, their presence will not be revealed by a fake camera and so you cannot act or call law enforcement.

Don't Provide Evidence

A fake camera does not record any evidence. In the event that a crime does take place, a fake camera cannot provide video material for use in court or to help identify criminals.

Hidden Message

If an experienced criminal is able to identify a fake camera amongst real cameras, you have unknowingly indicated where it is safe to operate. They will choose their route of entry accordingly.

False Security

Many criminals are careless about revealing their identities. A camera of any sort will not deter them.

The presence of cameras may provide people with a sense of security. If the cameras are fake this may be a false sense of security.

For example, if a neighbor parks a car in the line of sight of a fake camera and has it stolen, they may ask you for video evidence. The discovery that there is no evidence might lead to more than mere disappointment.

Take Your Chances

A real security camera is no guarantee of protection from criminal activity. Fake cameras for home security may be all you need. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages and decide on your home security solution.

Decide what type of camera is best for you here.

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