Securing Your Business Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Securing Your Business Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

How to Affordably Beef Up Your Small Business Security Package


The U.S. experiences more than 2.5 million cases of burglaries each year. Of these, 44 percent are business break-ins. Only 13 percent of these cases get solved by the police as the rest lack evidence and/or occur without any witnesses.

Rather than waiting for the burglary to occur, you can put in place a security system that’ll not only deter the thieves but also provide evidence in the case of a burglary.

Protecting your investment is a top priority for all business owners.

Read on to find out some viable small business security options.

Why Do You Need Small Business Security?

Commercial security systems work for a range of applications, including:

1. Monitoring Employee and Customer Traffic

Security systems help you monitor the activities of employees and customers remotely. This will help detect security threats in advance.

2. Provides Proof of Theft

After losing property from your business, security cameras provide the needed evidence to identify burglars. This will help law enforcement recover the items.

It’ll also come in handy in case you need compensation from your insurance company.

3. Deters Potential Theft

The installation of security systems deters would-be burglars for fear of arrest.

At times, fake systems such as fake security cameras attain this goal as well. The most practical example, in this case, is the installation of security cameras in self-service stores. The rates of shoplifting will go down significantly once customers are aware that they’re under surveillance

4. Tracks the Movement of Inventory

Employees may also steal your inventory. In fact, businesses are losing about $50 billion due to employee theft and fraud every year. This mostly occurs during the handing over of inventory from the supplier to the business.

A driveway alarm can alert you of any arrivals at your warehouse and you can monitor the unloading process via real-time video feed thanks to security systems.

5. Reduces Vandalism

The integration of tech security with your business activities will prevent vandalism of property. For example, the installation of security alarms scares potential vandals.

The same can be done for your home with the installation of home security devices such as alarms, lights, and cameras.

6. Prevents Insurance Liability Claims and Fraud Cases

Small business security devices such as cameras also help in the gathering of evidence for cases involving fraud and liability claims. Without such evidence, the firm will fall victim to unfavorable court decisions and the loss of property.

7. Reduces Insurance Costs

Insurance firms assess the risk exposure of your property before determining the size of the premiums. If they establish that you have taken the necessary measures, they’ll charge less.

The insurance costs go down the more secure your business is. The reasoning behind this is that an exposed business is likely to lose property to theft and will thus make frequent insurance claims.

8. Improves the Performance of Employees

Your employees will have peace of mind knowing that they are safe from break-ins and burglaries in general. With peace of mind comes improved work output.

Employees can have access to emergency buttons, video, and audio recorders, and remote controls to call for help in the case of an emergency.

Apart from that, installing a door chime alerts the employees of the entry of a customer which allows them to serve the customers better.

9. Prevents Trespassing

Warning signs, door locks, and other security measures help keep out people from restricted areas. The cashier room, store, and kitchen, for example, need specific people to access them at specific times. Passwords, fingerprint sensors, and similar steps keep out unwanted access.

10. Helps in Security Level Categorizations

Having security levels makes it easy to track down crime as specific people will have access to specific areas. This way, in case of a crime, it’ll be easy to get the culprit.

This also eliminates the need to change locks or reconfigure security systems when an employee gets fired or a new one brought on board. It’ll simply require a simple deletion or addition of the employee’s credentials to the existing security system.

11. Prevents Workplace Emergencies

These emergencies range from fires to break-ins. Notifying the relevant parties in real-time prevents their occurrence. When an alarm goes off or the security system controller gets notified in any other way, they can take action to prevent the crime or reduce the damage as soon as possible.

12. Gives Off a Professional Appearance

Customers feel at ease knowing that they’re making transactions with a business that takes care of their security and privacy. With security precautions in place, a business will grow thanks to the confidence customers have in the business premises.

13. Saves Overall Costs

Without vandalism, shoplifting, break-ins, costly insurance, and loss of property to fires and other accidents, the business will save money which will go towards the firm’s growth.

What You Need for Your Small Business Security

For a small business enterprise, you’ll need a range of security items. Some of the common ones include:

LED Sign

This indicates whether or not the business is open. It also finds use in stating the type of business you run. LED signs give the best visibility as their visibility is clear even from far away and in any weather.

Security Sign

Having a security sign alerts customers of the availability of a CCTV camera system in your premises and deters crime even when you don’t have the system in place.

Security Camera

Whether real or fake, a security camera will deter any crime as the customers know (or feel) that they’re under surveillance

Entrance Chime

The entrance chime will alert the employees of incoming customers for better service. It also deters crime since the entrant is aware that their presence is known.

Get Your Small Business Security Package Today

Whether you just set up your business or it’s a continuing venture, Reliable Chimes offers the best small business security package to keep your venture safe at all times. The affordability of this package allows those with a tight budget to secure their businesses against theft and other vices. 

Browse our featured products and protect your business premise.


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