Why Are Fake Surveillance Cameras Beneficial for Small Businesses?

Why Are Fake Surveillance Cameras Beneficial for Small Businesses?

Is your small business safe?

You hear stories all the time of break-ins and burglaries, and it seems like every business is a target these days! Whether your store sells DVDs or diamonds, there are people out there who will want to steal from you.

This makes setting up a flawless security system essential. But, that's expensive, right? An easy solution that doesn't need the FBI to install is fake surveillance cameras.

Find out everything you need to know about the benefits of real vs fake surveillance cameras in this guide.

What is a Fake Surveillance Camera?

Fake surveillance technology looks exactly like the real deal. Fake surveillance models are exact replicas of security cameras that are designed to fool potential criminals into thinking you're watching them, even though you're not! The idea is that if they see a camera, they're going to be much less likely to steal from your business or break-in after you've locked up.

There are tons of different styles of fake surveillance cameras that you can install, making sure that your camera fits seamlessly into your building. From the traditional, gun-shaped cameras to more modern dome cameras, you can get exactly the same styles as normal CTTV cameras. But, what's the point of buying fake cameras instead of real ones, and how could they help your business?

That's where the benefits of fake surveillance cameras come in. Let's take a look to see if this is the right security solutions or you.

Fake Surveillance is Cost-Effective

If you're looking at fake vs real surveillance cameras, the latter option is a lot cheaper! Fake cameras are usually in the region of $5-$50, whereas real cameras usually cost upwards of $100, with the top models costing around $600! That's a huge difference in price and instantly make fake surveillance cameras much more appealing.

Of course, sometimes you do need real surveillance footage to help track down criminals, especially after break-ins. So, the best system is to get at least one or two real cameras in key areas of your store, such as by the door and by the till point, and bulk out the area with fake cameras. The fake cameras will do their best to deter criminals, while the real cameras will capture those who aren't deterred. 

Easy to Install

If you're not great with wiring and you don't want to hire out an electrician every time you add cameras to your space, fake surveillance is the ideal solution. Because you're not actually connecting the camera to anything, they're super easy to install! To add fake cameras to your store, all you have to do is mount them on the wall with a couple of screws; it really doesn't get easier than that.

If your fake camera has a battery light, you still don't have to worry about wiring! These are usually battery operated, keeping things as simple as possible. If you ever need to replace or clean your systems, it's as easy as interior decorating. 

Peace of Mind

If you can't install a whole system of real surveillance cameras, you might feel a little concerned about the safety of your store. You can't constantly watch your customers so stealing in blind-spots is still a possibility! But, with a system of fake surveillance cameras, you'll have the peace of mind that the customers will still think that these areas are covered and will be put off from stealing.

Useful as Part of a Larger Security System

Fake surveillance cameras aren't perfect; some people might spot that you have fakes, and if there is a crime you won't actually see it. They do deter crime, but they're not always enough to keep your store secure. Instead of using them on their own, we'd always recommend using them as part of a larger security system. 

This system should include real cameras (as we mentioned earlier) as well as electronic article surveillance systems which stand at the front of your store and beep if any item that hasn't been paid for passes through them. Fake cameras definitely have their place in your system, but if it's not enough for your peace of mind, be sure to install some extra security!

Where to Get a Fake Surveillance Camera

If you're on the hunt for fake surveillance cameras, be sure to take a look at the models we offer at Reliable Chimes. We have simple models perfect for small businesses, as well as more advanced indoor models if you're looking to create a more advanced security system. We've focused on creating fake cameras that are incredibly realistic, and any criminals would have to get incredibly close to our cameras to realize they weren't real, and by that time you should have noticed them acting strangely!

We have models with LED lights, like the SC 107, that add to the realism of our cameras, and offer a range of different styles so that you can choose the perfect look for your business. Make sure to choose something that will stand out in your space for maximum effect!

Buy Your Fake Surveillance Cameras

Fake surveillance cameras are popular in stores around the world, both big and small, and they're essential if you want to build a great security system that's cost-effective. Be sure to check out our range for high-quality, realistic cameras!

We also have great real cameras that pair perfectly with our fake surveillance cameras. Take a look at what's on offer to make sure you have live footage of your store as well as plenty of fake cameras. 

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