Wireless Beam Driveway Bells
Wireless beam driveway alarms or bells will detect any motion from a heated object that move past the Passive Infrared ( PIR) sensor and transmit a signal up to 5 miles with a few of our driveway alarms.

Dakota Alert Transmitter ( MAT)

from $120.00

DWA-5 with portable receiver

from $190.00

DWA-5 with portable receiver and Base

from $274.98

DWA-6-2000 Additional Receiver

from $85.00

DWA-6-2000 Deluxe ( OPTEX RCTD-20U)

from from $170.00

DWA-6-2000 Standard

from $160.00

DWA-6-2000 Standard Transmitter (ADDITIONAL)

from $85.00

DWA-9 Long Range Transmitter

from $400.00


from $600.00

M538-BS base station ( DWA-5 )

from $85.00