10 Essential Business Safety Tips

10 Essential Business Safety Tips

Many workplaces experience some type of crime on a regular basis. In fact, crime in the workplace costs United States businesses about $50 billion each year. By prioritizing business safety, you can prevent crimes and keep you and your employees safe. 

Do you want to learn how to keep your business safe? Keep reading these 10 essential commercial safety tips!

1. Have Good Visibility and Lighting

One of the most important things you can do to ensure business safety is to have good visibility and lighting in your store and on your property. Make sure you always replace burnt-out bulbs and remove things that block light in the parking lot. 

You can also consider getting motion sensor lights that will activate if anyone passes by your property. 

2. Use Door Chimes

Next, you should consider investing in business door chimes. Not only do door chimes allow you to know when a customer has entered your building, but it can also help you be prepared. 

If there are no door chimes, someone could easily sneak into your building and steal something before you even knew they were there. 

3. Have Security Measures for Your Building and Parking Lot

It is also vital to have proper security measures for your building and your parking lot. For example, you can have speed bumps in your parking lot that will prevent a quick getaway from a potential robber. Or, you can have a fence around the perimeter of your building. 

With these security measures, floodlights, and more, you will keep your business safer and can prevent commercial theft.  

4. Install Cameras

Installing security cameras in your store is one of the best ways you can deter crime. Whether these are real cameras or fake cameras, they can help deter crime. 

Having video cameras not only prevents crime, but they can also help solve them. If your store was robbed but you were able to get it on camera, you can give the tape to the police as evidence. It is always best to install real cameras in case of an emergency.  

5. Don't Keep Too Much Cash

If you are a business that constantly has cash transactions, it is important that you don't keep all the cash in the store. You should especially not keep this cash in the register where it is easily accessible by robbers. 

One way that you can lower the amount of cash you have in your store is to regularly deposit the cash throughout the day. When burglars know that you a lot of cash, it makes you an appealing target. 

It is also important that you and your employees are very discreet when you count your cash at the end of the day or when you are ready to deposit it. If people see a large amount of money, it may lead to violence or another crime.

6. Train Employees

Even if you haven't had any crimes occur in your workplace in the past, it is still important to train your employees. By having an emergency safety plan, you can teach your employees how to react in the event of a robbery or other threat to their safety. 

By having this plan in place and regularly going through it, your employees will be much safer in the event of an emergency. Training your employees is a great way to improve your commercial security and business safety. 

7. Install Bars and Locks

Installing bars and locks on your windows is a simple and cost-efficient way to keep your business safer. If you use these to lock up your business at night, you will be able to deter burglars from entering your building in the middle of the night. 

It can also deter people from waiting in your building as your close your store. 

8. Have a Panic Button

Having a panic button is a great option for an alarm system. If you are getting robbed, one of your employees can push a silent button that will notify the authorities. 

However, you want to regularly test this button to make sure it is working as it should. These silent buttons can protect your business and could potentially save a life!

9. Use Driveway Alarms

Driveway alarms or driveway sensors are an easy way to keep track of people who enter your property. Essentially, it is a motion sensor detector that will alert you when a car passes through the sensors.

This can alert you if any unauthorized personnel enter your property and be aware of the activity on your property. 

10. Have Robbery Deterrence Signs

Finally, you should install robbery deterrence signage on your property. These include stickers and signs that warn potential robbers of the safety measures you have installed in your business. 

If someone clearly knows that you have security cameras on the premises or they are notified that you have regular police patrols, they will be less likely to commit a crime and may try to find a company that is an easier target.

In fact, a study that surveyed past burglars showed that burglars were less likely to enter homes or businesses that had security signs. 

Find Professional Security Devices To Ensure Business Safety

When it comes to business safety, you don't want to mess around. Having proper security measures can keep you and your employees safe, and can prevent burglaries from happening. One way to do this is to have professional security devices. 

Are you looking for a company that helps with residential and commercial safety? Reliable Chimes Security can help! Contact our team today to learn more about our security cameras, driveway alarms, and our business door chimes, or to get a small business start-up package!

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