Collection: Business Door Chimes

Reliable Chimes offers affordable door chimes to detect a consumer and sound a door entry aware chime for your business. Our business door chime is available in many configurations and transmission ranges. .

Reliable Chimes offers a large variety of door chimes for businesses to choose from. We do our best to supply you with a full line of chimes that will suit your needs. Chimes come in a wide variety from loud to soft and wireless to plug-in types. Not only are they all slightly different, but they also serve different purposes. Some are for alarms while others tell you a customer entered the business.


There are many settings to consider when purchasing a door chime. Sound is important as this will determine the overall purpose of the chime. If the sound is loud and shrill, then it'll be good as an alarm near an emergency exit or to alert those in the vicinity that something is going on. However, if the sound is cheery and inviting, then it will make customers feel welcome while also alerting you and employees that someone entered the building.


The same goes for volume. You don't want a chime that's so loud that it hurts your ears, but you also want to ensure that someone can hear the chime. This is a difficult balance, but thankfully most chimes have an adjustable volume setting so that you can get it right.


What about distance? Do you want a sensitive chime that will activate when it senses motion from 40 or 80 feet away, or one that only chimes when someone opens the door? Some chimes have an adjustable distance setting while others only have one set distance and that's it. Choose wisely. You don't want a chime that goes off whenever someone is walking around your business or one that one won't work until it's too late.


This also goes along with transmission range. Most wireless chimes have a section that senses motion that sends a signal to the chime itself, which might be in another part of the building or near the door. If you have a large building and you might be in the back, then you'll want to a larger transmission range so that you can place the chime in the back area. However, if the building is small, then a shorter transmission range is fine.


The last major thing to consider is battery life and power source. Some door chimes for businesses are completely wireless and only use batteries, but others might have one or both components connected to a wall outlet. While most chimes have a good battery life, you'll still want to consider this before buying a chime.


Some of our door chime features are:


- Many feature adjustable distances and sensitivities


- Different sounds to either invite and welcome, or alert and notify


- Comes in both wireless and plug-in variants


- Long battery life with wireless versions


If you're looking to add a door chime to your business, then you'll love our selection. We've done our best to give you a full line of different chimes that suit a variety of purposes. No matter what you need, we've got you covered.